Product Highlight: PHI-2 Interactive Shield for Arduino

April 05, 2011

PHI-2 Interactive Shield for Arduino

Liudr's PHI-2 Interactive Shield is billed as "the best all-purpose interactive shield for Arduino," and after taking a look at the specs it's not hard to see why.

The PHI-2's predecessor, the PHI-1, first caught our attention as the core of a great arduino-based reverse obstacle sensor for cars post on instructables. At the time we were hugely impressed with how much was packed into a single shield, how versatile it was, how well everything was documented, and the extensive support libraries.

The PHI-2 keeps everything that was great about the PHI-1, and adds some new features, increased customizability, and improved libraries.

Some of it's many functions include:

  • Compatible with Duemilanove, UNO, MEGA, and pin-compatible clones and Ethernet shield with SD card.
  • 16X2 LCD character display.
  • 6 push buttons – four arranged like a control pad with four as arrow keys and two more on the side.
  • 2 RJ45 ports to pass as many as 16 long and robust connections to sensors or control devices.
  • Optional buzzer in place of an RJ45 for tones. You can connect any arduino pin to the buzzer.
  • Optional sensor block to sense most common sensors, such as thermistors for temperature, resistive pressure sensors, light-dependent resistor for light, Hall effect magnetic sensors etc. You can connect any arduino pin to the buzzer.
  • Two 3mm LEDs as indicators. You are free to choose which arduino pin to drive the LEDs with.
  • Real time clock with battery backup keeps the time when Arduino is turned off
  • EEPROM for easy data logging keeps data when Arduino is turned off
  • GPS connector and breakout for popular GPS module
  • All Arduino pins are brought out for maximal flexibility.
  • The I2C bus is not tied to arduino UNO or Deumilanove analog pins 4 and 5 but brought next to them so the shield can be used on a MEGA. Just jump them to MEGA 20 and 21.

Now available on inMojo: PHI-2 Interactive Shield

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