Product Highlight: VJacket Wearable Live Video Controller

April 12, 2011

VJacket Wearable Live Video Controller

We are big fans of DIY and OSHW VJ equipment and maker-fueled video performances, which is why we were so excited to find out about the VJacket Wearable Live Video Controller.

The VJacket is a combination of a VShield sensor shield for arduino, the Arduino2OSC custom open software bridge, and, well, a jacket. Put all together, and the VJacket lets you control the VJ program of your choice "from the comfort of your jacket". Think bend your right elbow to trigger a transition and touch your label to apply a filter. Overall very slick.

You can learn more about the VJacket by going to or checking out VJacket on InMojo.

Like what you see? Help support the next stage of development and/or preorder a VJacket on VJacket's Kickstarter page.

The VJacket will be on display at Maker Faire - Bay Area 2011. Here's a sneak peak:

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