OSHW Logo Font (TTF) Version

April 19, 2011

OSHW Logo Font (TTF) Version Render

The official OSHW logo was selected a few of weeks ago, and already the community has recreated versions of the logo for several popular CAD applications. Examples: SVG, gEDA, Eagle ULP, KiCad.

To support the spread of the logo, we are adding a software-independent font version (TTF) of the logo into the mix.

The font is a modified version of NovaMono (the font that is used to the logo) and symbols are saved in the UTF area:

22EE: Logo / Fill & text
22EF: Logo / Fill & no text
22F0: Logo / Outline & no text
22F1: Logo / Outline & text

The characters can be copy and pasted into design software by using Character Map on Windows and Font Book on Mac, or by directly inputting the HEX codes above.

Download the OSHW Logo Font (TTF)


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