Product Highlight: Toasted Circuits' Lightuino 5.0

April 20, 2011

Toasted Circuits' Lightuino 5.0

One of the great things about the Arduino is how easily anyone can pick it up and start building projects. But as projects get more complex—especially when adding shields and working with lots of LEDs—is easy to quickly run out of pins. (On one of my first Arduino projects I was forced to create a complex series of flashing codes to represent all of the different states of a project after only having one pin left to control feedback LEDs).

Toasted Circuits' Lightuino (now version 5.0) is a little bit of board magic that lets you jump from controlling a dozen or so LEDs to up to 1,120 with a fully arduino-compatible ATMega 328 board. The system has LED project-friendly built-in functions like an IR universal remote receiver and an ambient light sensor and, since it's stackable, you don't have to choose between shields and LEDs. You can even stack multiple Lightuinos for projects where 1,120 LEDs still just doesn't cut it.

Now available on InMojo: Toasted Circuits' Lightuino 5.0

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