LPMS-BLE: Motion Sensor with Bluetooth Low-Energy

April 30, 2014

The latest creation from LP Research is an orientation-/motion-sensing device that uses open-source Bluetooth 4.0 BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology to wirelessly transmit 3D orientation and acceleration data to connected devices. BLE is notable for its extremely long battery life, with some applications achieving years-long operation from one small battery.

The LMPS-BLE prototype, first seen early this month, shows an LPMS motion sensor and battery linked to a Bluegiga BLE113 wireless transmission unit - the latest iteration of a board that we've mentioned before. The BLE113 module consumes 30% less power than the previous design. The BLE connection also allows low latency, sports fast connection speeds, and doesn't clog up bandwidth when using multiple sensors on different channels.

Check out the video of the prototype sensor in action here.

LP Research produces professional products for business use, but also features "maker edition" bare sensor boards perfect for integrating into your projects. You can learn more about the company and check out their products on their website www.lp-research.com. Their expertise lies in producing electronics for a wide range of applications in aerospace, robotics and sports.

by The InMojo Team
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