Product Highlight: RPi900 Long-Range Radio for Rasberry Pi

December 12, 2013

The RPi900 allows for powerful data transmission between Raspberry Pi-powered devices in locations without wired or wireless networks..

If you're looking for reliable, configurable data transmission over long distances for your project, check out the RPi900 Long Range Radio.

Originally designed for applications using solar power and telemetry in remote locations where connectivity to the grid and the internet is difficult or impossible, the RPi900, when mounted on a
Raspberry Pi alongside a DNT900 transceiver module from RFM, can communicate at more than 20 miles (line-of-sight) to send information to and from other units.

Maker Matthew Hollingworth, who developed the RPi900, has one of his units rigged up in a weatherproof CCTV enclosure along with a camera module and solar controller. The enclosure is connected to an external solar panel and battery, and installed at a remote location to record and upload periodic images and photograph sunset timelapses, which are then transferred to another RPi900 unit installed on the roof of his house. Pretty cool!

"The RPi900 can be used anywhere a remote, low-power linux installation is desired for telemetry, monitoring and control of equipment," writes Hollingworth. "Examples include industrial and agricultural settings, as well as weather stations and webcams. RPi900 is also useful as a compact radio base station--for example, as a ground control station for an autonomous aerial vehicle (UAV) or high-altitude balloon."

And the best news of all: the RPi900 is on sale for 33% off until December 25th. A unit normally costs $45, but with the sale you can get your hands on an RPi900 right now for $30.

You can learn more about the RPi900 and browse a full set of tutorials for installation and use at

by The InMojo Team
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