Shinny New Item Management System

December 24, 2010

We are winding down the year with a bunch of new features and updates and wanted to give a quick breakdown of what came out this week.

The update we are probably happiest about is a major reworking of our item management system. The new system is fully ajax enabled, and allows us to do fun things like drag-to-reorder of item images, save temporary drafts, and removes some of the old-school limitations of the pre-ajax version.

We also shifted the interface from a single screen to a 5-tabbed version, which makes updating existing items much easier. And we added links to items descriptions to make it easier to refer to related off-site content.

Lots of other minor fixes and adjustments went out this week, including the start of our homepage redesign, but there will be much more on those fronts in the coming weeks.

Lots of great stuff is still in the works. Thanks to everyone who sent us feedback! Keep it coming!

by The InMojo Team
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