Focus on Simplicity and Unity

February 14, 2011

InMojo OSHW Logo

I'm pretty excited to announce that we have officially moved to the Open Source Hardware Definition v1.0 as our standard definition throughout the site.

And in the spirit of this simplifying and unifying moment in the OSHW community, we're simplifying a few more areas of InMojo:

Most importantly, after long discussion, we've decided to remove the 20 cents fee for stores to add new items. There is now a simple single 3.5% fee charged when items are sold. No monthly fees. No complicated costs. And no charge to post and keep items on the site.

Along those lines we've also added links to store profiles to make it easier for sellers to link back to their other sites and projects. And we are releasing an improved item inventory management system today.

We're also happy to announce that we've added the TAPR Open Hardware License (OHL) as an approved OSHW license option on InMojo. See our OSHW License Guide for more information.

Lots more improvements coming down the line. Stay tuned.

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Open Hardware Definition v1.0 InMojo supports the Open Source Hardware Definition v1.0