Product Highlight: Phi-Panel Serial LCD Backpack

February 26, 2014

The Phi-Panel family of products from InMojo seller Dr. Liu allows for interactive data entry

Ever since the OSHW movement took off with the introduction of Arduino, users have been looking for simple, intuitive user interfaces to integrate into DIY projects. Dr. John Liu has been offering a series of intuitive interfaces - a line of LCD panels and keypads that can communicate with an Arduino over the serial bus.

In 2011, Dr. John Liu introduced his phi-panel family of products - a set of joint LCD-display and keypad data-entry modules that can connect to Arduino-based projects and provide for data entry at its simplest by leveraging Dr. Liu’s Phi-Prompt User Interface Library, a free code.

Now, users who don’t want to learn the library can integrate these panels into projects like home automation systems or anything that requires a user interface to read and manipulate data. “People love the simplicity of being able to add a professional looking user interface within a few lines of code,” Dr. Liu said when asked about the phi-panels.

This particular product, the Serial LCD Backpack, allows you to connect a keypad to an LCD display, and is available in various assembled and kit forms on Dr. Liu’s InMojo store. We think it’s a great product, so take a look.

by The InMojo Team
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