Shipping For The Rest of Us

January 25, 2011

A couple of days ago we rolled out a completely revised shipping model. Shipping options are now completely consistent throughout the site, broken down into 4 clearly defined simple categories, and don’t require any knowledge of international shipping companies.

We did this for a few reasons.

1. Simpler is better. The old model had just too much customizability and was confusing buyers and sellers.

2. Big picture. Most buyers outside of Japan don’t know the difference between Yu-Pak, EMS, or Japan Post International Parcel, and they shouldn’t have to. Our goal is to have sellers shipping from every country in the world, but we don’t want buyers having to check Wikipedia just to checkout. We’ve set simple universal standards on the site so that buyers only need to know how fast they want their items, not what service.

3. Future plans. By having some consistency across the site it allows us to implement a few of our, as yet unannounced, but top priority updates. More on this later.

4. People asked for it. What can we say?... We aim to please. Keep the great feedback coming!

More updates and store announcements coming soon. Stay tuned.

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