Call to Help a Young Maker Get to Maker Faire NYC

July 06, 2011

Extreme Marshmallow Cannon

We just found out that one of our favorite makers Joe Hudy is raising funds to travel to New York to present his latest work at Maker Faire NYC in September. If you were are Maker Faire Bay Area in May you probably remember Joe as the fourteen year old natural-born hacker and burgeoning open source hardware powerhouse behind the bright orange Extreme Marshmallow Cannon. If you haven't seen the marshmallow cannon, you own it to yourself to check it out (and probably to build one) on Look What Joey's Making.

If you'd like to help Joe get to Maker Fair NYC, you can make a donation on his site. And you would be in good company. The Kurt Warner Foundation gave Joe an autographed photo and a worn-by-Kurt autographed glove to raffle off. Details on how to get tickets.

Personally I really hope Joe is able to maker it Maker Faire NYC. As a native East-coaster, I'm not just ready to cede all of the marshmallow shooting credibility to California just yet.

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