Maker Faire Bay Area Recap

June 14, 2011

Maker Faire Bay Area 2011

InMojo is back in Tokyo after our first Bay Area Maker Faire since we launched. As we mentioned in a previous post, we came fully equipped with a pretty significant amount of swag and offloaded it to some 1,500 eager makers, arduino pros, and unsuspecting novices.

Thanks to everyone, the response has been great from people who received our kits and we had a great time meeting everyone and handing them out! Although both kits that we gave out were completely awesome, I personally thought the Ion Chamber Radiation Detector was the coolest because it calls for MacGyvering a tin can and some aluminum foil for making the ion chamber probe, but the Hack-Anything Board has its fans too.

Some highlights include rubbing elbows with some big names in oshw like the guys from Seeed and Upverter, hearing Meredith Scheff talk about her flexible circuits and seeing a mind-blowing performance of Tesla lightning. All in all, it was an exciting event where we got to see first-hand the directions of those in the oshw space, talked with makers about their needs, and chatted with the occasional wacky character.

We've been overwhelmed with orders and activity post Maker Faire, but hope to get back to a more regular blog schedule once everything settles.

by The InMojo Team
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