Product Highlight: Milkymist

March 02, 2011


As you probably noticed, we have a couple of new products on InMojo - one of them is very advanced OSHW device Milkymist (official site based on FPGA, made by Sebastien Bourdeauducq. Milkymist is device for realtime video synthesis that allows VJs to create their own, hardware accelerated visual effects they can later share in the community.

Milkymist is not only the open device, it comes with it's own open software as well, which should help you to create new and original visual effects easily by simple programming environment called Flickernoise. But there is more interesting about this maybe a bit more expensive, but awesome gadget - it has very interesting combination of interfaces, such as DMX512, Midi In/Out and Video In. Creating a truly interactive performances in the clubs should be really easy now! Another design feature that documents Sebastien's dedication to open hardware is the processor. While many OSHW products rely at some point on patented technologies, Milkymist is based on open custom designed processor so you can download your own Verilog Hardware Description Language files, should you want or need to take a look how the SoC is designed. Obviously, there is probably very few VJs that would want to do that, but we can and that is awesome.

While I am waiting to receive my Milkymist (yes, I bought one!), there are workshops and performances focused on it's use being organized around the globe, next one in England under OSHUG (, a british group that focuses on open hardware.

by Jan Rod, InMojo
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