Hacking for Humanity

March 18, 2011

Tokyo Hackerspace Kimono Tohoku Solar Lantern

We've always been huge fans of the Tokyo Hackerspace, but their response to the tragic earthquake and tsunami in northern Japan has made it even clearer what a amazing group of people they really are.

Almost immediately after the tsunami struck, members of the hackerspace started making plans for ways to help the worst hit areas deal with lack of communication, power, and clean water. The team has started moving on several plans, and two days ago they announced plans to donate all of their remaining stock of Kimono Solar Lanterns (now renamed Kimono Tohoku Solar Lanterns) to people without power in northern Japan. Within a few hours of announcing their plan, donations started to flow in and over a 100 additional kits will also be sent to support relief effort.

Learn more about Tokyo Hackerspace's plans and how to donate.

The Oklahoma hackerspace has also joined the effort and is getting t-shirts and stickers made with the Kimono Tohoku Solar Lantern PCB design. Proceeds will go to relief efforts and Tokyo Hackerspace. Check it out OHM Space's designs.

Once kits are available for sale again, look for updates on the inMojo Kimono Tohoku Solar Lantern page.

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