Product Highlight: iPhly iPhone Radio Controller

March 27, 2011


Ever since I first saw an iPhone I wanted to use it to control the real world. Ari Krupnik's iPhly takes that idea to a ridiculously cool level by letting you control any radio controlled airplane, helicopter, or car directly from your iPhone.

His combination open source hardware and software lets you plug your existing RF module directly into the iPhly case and use the iPhone to roll, pitch down, throttle up, or yaw your plane.

And the best part is that it works with the receivers you already own (confirmed to work with Spektrum, Futaba, HiTec, FrySky, Corona, and other modules) so there is nothing to change on the airplane or car.

The iPhly app is already in the app store and the hardware design is complete and ready to be DIY'ed, but Ari is taking the iPhly to the next level with a factory injection molded case and assembled board.

Support the next stage of development and/or preorder an iPhly on iPhly's Kickstarter page.

Our favorite tip from Ari's FAQ
Q: What if I get a phone call while I'm flying?
A: This is what Airplane mode is for. This is a special mode that Apple builds into iPhone for flying R/C models... If you don't use it, incoming calls shoot you down.

Learn more about the iPhly by going to or checking out iPhly on inMojo.

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