Product Highlight: Keyglove

March 31, 2011


Virtual Reality input devices were always drawing attention of technology crowd. When I first saw Jeff Rowberg's Keyglove I was excited. Not only it has typical accelerometer / position sensor but it also allows user to make hand gestures by touching multiple conductive points and their combinations and assign them to certain desired functions. Jeff writes he designed Keyglove to be very lightweight and easily wearable to give users a possibility to perform normal tasks, such as writing. Imaging the extended possibilities if we could integrate the same conductive points into other tools, pencils, or other computer controllers!

Jeff has posted Keyglove to inMojo and we agreed to help him promote his Kickstarter effort, as he is trying to generate enough funds to push Keyglove from prototype stage closer to as viable product. So if you like it and if you would like to try it, back up Jeff's project to have a kit or a fully assembled product ready soon. In the meanwhile, you can take a closer look at how it works and how it's built on Jeff's project site.

by Jan Rod, inMojo
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