Cutting the Power Cord

May 14, 2011

Wireless Power Supply Test Setup

Now that Seeed Studio products are on InMojo we've had the chance to play around a lot more with some really cool products. One of our favorites is Seeed Studio's Wireless Power Supply.

In order to get a better feel for it, I hacked up the test setup above. For my first test I supplied 5V input and tested the output. Surprisingly the receiver only drained power when the transmitter and receiver were touching. When I moved the receiver away it went back to 0V. For my second test I increased the input to 12V (the max allowed) and tried expanding the distance. This time it worked, and I was able to go as far as 15mm away before the receiving voltage was reduced. At around 25mm voltage went back to 0V.

With the receiver sending a steady stream of 5V output, I started playing around with wafering different materials in between transmitter and receiver. 3mm Acrylic, 4mm Acrylic, 3mm wood, 3mm glass, and surprisingly it worked without any significant loss. Of course, anything metal is a deal breaker (distracts the RF field).

Overall it was a solid heads on test and there are a ton of possible applications. Still, looking forward to the days when the minimum distances are measured in meters instead of millimeters.

by Charith Fernando, InMojo
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