USB Licensing for OSHW

November 19, 2013

Small open source hardware producers who want to use USB in their creations are facing a new challenge, according to news from Arachnid Labs, a OSHW electronics operation.

The folks at Arachnid report that they approached the USB Implementers Forum (the non-profit organization that manages the USB standard) with a simple question: "how can small, Open Source Hardware vendors get official ID codes for their USB capable devices?"

The USB-IF mandates that manufacturers of USB-capable devices to be sold on the open market purchase a $5,000 license. Nick Johnson, the man behind Arachnid Labs, asked USB-IF to consider providing this license to OSHW non-profits which could then issue ID codes to its members.

Their response? Apparently, the only way for OSHW makers who sell their creations to get a license is to pay the $5K - something that is not an option for most makers. So for now, USB is out of reach for makers who are also sellers - individuals we see a lot of around here.

by The InMojo Team
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