Open Hardware Summit/Maker Faire New York Recap

October 20, 2011

Maker Faire New York 2011 - Maker's Badge

A month has gone by since the four days of maker madness at the Hall of Science in Queens, New York where both Open Hardware Summit and Maker Faire New York took place. InMojo debuted Ikimo, our open robotics platform at the Open Hardware Summit, a day devoted to all things open hardware. Maker Faire, as usual, did not disappoint with its variety of luminaries from all over the DIY-verse. We had several interesting conversations at the intersection of our vision for Ikimo and the plethora of awesome projects at Maker Faire. Talking with the AtFAB Team from Filson and Rohrbacher inspired the idea for a screw-less, glue-less version of the Ikimo chassis that can be simply snapped together in a similar way that AtFAB's furniture is put together. To add to the excitement of the 4 days, Ikimo took home an Editor's Choice Award. We could not have been happier.

On the marketplace side of things, we've rolled out a streamlined checkout process for PayPal. Now users can complete payments directly from the InMojo site and only need to visit PayPal briefly for authenticating. Buyers alone won't benefit from these improvements. Sellers now will no longer receive false-start messages when a user does not complete a checkout procedure. We are continually working on more improvements to the site and user experience, so look forward to some more tweeks in the coming weeks!

by Mauricio Cordero, InMojo
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