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It's one thing making a single prototype board, but building designs in the 10-15 board range can be very cost ineffective and labor intensive. By grouping several item orders together, we are able to help everyone produce high quality items at a much lower price than it would be to fabricate them individually.

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We are accepting orders for as few as 20 pieces at a time.
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PCB Production Options Highlights

Rigid PCB Capacity

Type Single-Sided PCB
PTH Double-Sided PCB
NPTH Double-Sided PCB
Multilayer PCB (2~24 Layers)
Material Thickness 0.35mm - 6.4mm
Copper Thickness Up to 6 oz Cu
Max Board Size 610 mm x 711mm(24' x 28')
Standard Surface Finish Hot Air Solder Level
Alternative Finishes Electroless Nickel / Immersion Gold
Electroless Tin Lead
Organic ( OSP )
Hard Gold (edge contact)
Bare Board Test Bed of Nails
Simultaneous double-sided flying probe test
Solder Mask Photoimageable Resist (with a wide range of colors)
Gold Plate Edge connectors Touch Pads
Min. Via Size and Type Dia.0.15mm(finished) Aspect Ratio=12;HDI holes(<0.10mm)
Min. Line Width & Spacing 0.10 mm/0.10mm(4mil./4mil)
Min. Via Hole Size and Pad via:dia.0.2mm/ pad:dia.0.4mm;HDI<0.10mm via

Flexible PCB Capacity

Material Polyimide (Kapton), Polyester (PET)
Number of Layers 1-2 layers, 1-4 layers
Min. Trace Width/Space 0.075mm(3 mil) for single-sided board
0.08mm (4mil) for double-sided board
Solder Resist Laminating of cover film, Liquid sensitization solder mask printing ink
Bare Board Test Bed of Nails
Simultaneous double-sided flying probe test
Surface Treatment Spray Stannum Tin and Sunk Stannum, Nickelplated Gold, Chemistry Turneric, Oxidation Protection (OSP)
Weldability 245+/-5 degree. 3-5s
Winding, Bending, Endurance > 100,000 times
Thermal Stress Test 288+/-5 degree, 10s once
Rosh and E-testing Yes

Aluminum PCB Capacity

Product Type Al Clad PCB 1 layer
Copper Thickness 0.5oz, 1oz, 2oz, 3oz and 4 oz
Board Thickness 0.4mm To 4.0mm
Aluminum Machining Drilling, Tapping, Milling, Routing, Die-Punching, break-off tab available
Min. Finish Hole Size 0.25mm
Min. Track Width 0.2mm (8mils)
Surface Finishing HASL, HASL Leadfree, Immersion Gold, Flash Gold, OSP
Reference Standard IPC-A-600G Class 2
Special Holes Spot Facing, Cup Holes
Rosh and E-testing Yes

Assembly Options Highlights

SMT Process

Max Board Size 330 * 250 mm
Min Components Size 0201
Component Range 0201 Chip-0.3mm Pitch QFP, BGA, CSP
Assembly Services SMT, MI and ICT, AOI, X-ray, FCT, Wire Bond, COB

Discrete Process

Insertion Type Lead Pitch Min Board Size Max Board Size
Axial 25 150 × 60 mm 508 × 371 mm
Radial 14.6 150 × 60 mm 330 × 250 mm
Jumper 8.4 50 × 40 mm 508 × 381 mm

Open Hardware Definition v1.0 InMojo supports the Open Source Hardware Definition v1.0