InMojo Blog The Official InMojo Blog Tue, 29 Apr 2014 22:11:07 GMT en-us LPMS-BLE: Motion Sensor with Bluetooth Low-Energy Tue, 29 Apr 2014 22:00:29 GMT
The latest creation from LP Research is an orientation-/motion-sensing device that uses open-source Bluetooth 4.0 BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology to wirelessly transmit 3D orientation and acceleration data to connected devices. BLE is notable for its extremely long battery life, with some applications achieving years-long operation from one small battery. The LMPS-BLE prototype, first seen early this month, shows an LPMS motion sensor and battery linked to a Bluegiga BLE113 wireless transmission unit - the latest iteration of a board that we've mentioned before. The BLE113 module consumes 30% less power than the previous design. The BLE connection ... ]]>
Defensive Patent License Sun, 27 Apr 2014 20:24:13 GMT
We, in the OSHW community, don't spend too much time thinking about patents. We'd rather be making. Not to mention, the idea of disallowing others from using your designs goes against the Open Source ethic. But, by stifling innovation, patents have had a huge impact on the open source community. Often, companies refuse to make public details of their hardware and software programs (details that would be invaluable to open-source enthusiasts seeking to, for example, create open-source drivers for proprietary hardware) because of fears that they are accidentally or knowingly infringing on the patents of competitors, and that ... ]]>
BulletPixels: LEDs with Variable Color/Intensity Wed, 09 Apr 2014 03:11:08 GMT
BulletPixels are powerful LEDs that can produce light of varying intensity and color. Most LEDs are too simple: just one color, and one setting - on or off. If you’re looking for a bit more flexibility, the BulletPixel 8mm LEDs from Samurai Circuits are just the ticket. These powerhouses somehow cram an integrated circuit and three diodes (RGB) into a single LED enclosure, allowing you to program variable intensity and color for each LED. The possibilities are pretty darn cool: fade intensity or change color as battery life declines, indicate when an iron is hot for soldering as BulletPixels creator ... ]]>
Changes to Bluetooth Product Qualification and Listing Process: How Does it Affect Open Source? Tue, 11 Mar 2014 03:48:59 GMT members of the Bluetooth consortium, although small businesses and start-ups can qualify for discounted prices of $2,500 for licensing two products. These changes won’t affect businesses that use pre-assembled Bluetooth ... ]]> Product Highlight: Phi-Panel Serial LCD Backpack Wed, 26 Feb 2014 03:31:43 GMT
The Phi-Panel family of products from InMojo seller Dr. Liu allows for interactive data entry Ever since the OSHW movement took off with the introduction of Arduino, users have been looking for simple, intuitive user interfaces to integrate into DIY projects. Dr. John Liu has been offering a series of intuitive interfaces - a line of LCD panels and keypads that can communicate with an Arduino over the serial bus. In 2011, Dr. John Liu introduced his phi-panel family of products - a set of joint LCD-display and keypad data-entry modules that can connect to Arduino-based projects and provide for data entry ... ]]>
1Sheeld: the last shield you'll ever need Tue, 14 Jan 2014 03:09:09 GMT Product Highlight: RPi900 Long-Range Radio for Rasberry Pi Thu, 12 Dec 2013 04:56:43 GMT
The RPi900 allows for powerful data transmission between Raspberry Pi-powered devices in locations without wired or wireless networks.. If you're looking for reliable, configurable data transmission over long distances for your project, check out the RPi900 Long Range Radio. Originally designed for applications using solar power and telemetry in remote locations where connectivity to the grid and the internet is difficult or impossible, the RPi900, when mounted on a Raspberry Pi alongside a DNT900 transceiver module from RFM, can communicate at more than 20 miles (line-of-sight) to send information to and from other units. Maker Matthew Hollingworth, who developed ... ]]>
A DIY Custom Boards Guide Sun, 24 Nov 2013 19:33:22 GMT USB Licensing for OSHW Mon, 18 Nov 2013 23:59:56 GMT Arachnid Labs, a OSHW electronics operation. The folks at Arachnid report that they approached the USB Implementers Forum (the non-profit organization that manages the USB standard) with a simple question: "how can small, Open Source Hardware vendors get official ID codes for their USB capable devices?" The USB-IF mandates that manufacturers of USB-capable devices to be sold on the open market purchase a $5,000 license. Nick Johnson, the man behind Arachnid Labs, asked USB-IF to consider providing ... ]]> Circuits on Paper Sun, 10 Nov 2013 03:21:30 GMT
Jie Qi's Circuit Sketchbook. Here’s a cool project we stumbled across: the Circuit Sketchbook. It's a DIY notebook with a cell-phone power supply built into the back that allows the user to create functional circuit prototypes on paper using conductive metallic tape and small electronic stickers (LEDs, microcontrollers, and more). Pretty cool, right? It seems like a project with huge potential for teaching people about circuits, and for allowing makers to fool around with designs on the go. Check out this video of example circuits for a few more great ideas of what a person can do ... ]]>
Product Highlight: BLE112 Bluetooth Low Energy Breakout Thu, 17 Oct 2013 02:05:27 GMT The BLE112 Bluetooth Low Energy Breakout board is one of the most popular products on InMojo and allows makers to experiment with wirelessly transmitting data to and from modern smartphones and Bluetooth 4.0 devices. BLE, or Bluetooth Low Energy, is the latest iteration of the Bluetooth wireless communication standard and is already revolutionizing the maker and DIY electronics communities. The biggest advantage of BLE is its low power requirements which allow you to operate for months to years without needing to change batteries! Also, BLE allows your project to communicate with a wide-range of Bluetooth 4.0-enabled devices - whether ... ]]> Blog Back in Business Wed, 09 Oct 2013 00:23:04 GMT InMojo Xbee-Ethernet Arduino Server Wed, 12 Dec 2012 05:38:57 GMT This is the ultimate solution for a variety of entry-level mesh networking applications. This server integrates Xbee with Ethernet bridge for seamless integration of low-power wireless networking to any TCP network. It is 100% Arduino compatible with the functionality of an Arduino board, Ethernet shield and Xbee shield in a single compact package! Check out the InMojo Market product page for some easy examples of an embedded server using AJAX. We hope these examples will inspire a variety of sensing/actuating networks! You can also check out the product video on Youtube. ]]> The Community Is Growing Tue, 03 Jul 2012 01:13:36 GMT On the tech side, we've added the ability to append tracking information to orders marked as "shipped." Stores will now be able to enter tracking numbers and URLs at the time that the status of an order is updated on a store's Sales page. When the "shipped" status is selected for an ... ]]> Open Hardware Summit/Maker Faire New York Recap Thu, 20 Oct 2011 03:19:14 GMT A month has gone by since the four days of maker madness at the Hall of Science in Queens, New York where both Open Hardware Summit and Maker Faire New York took place. InMojo debuted Ikimo, our open robotics platform at the Open Hardware Summit, a day devoted to all things open hardware. Maker Faire, as usual, did not disappoint with its variety of luminaries from all over the DIY-verse. We had several interesting conversations at the intersection of our vision for Ikimo and the plethora of awesome projects at Maker Faire. Talking with the AtFAB Team from Filson and ... ]]> Product Highlight: Rachel's Electronics' Mouse Eye Wed, 27 Jul 2011 03:14:22 GMT Rachel's Electronics' Mouse Eye Your computer mouse knows things. It knows when you left click. It knows when you right click. But most importantly it knows when you move. Rachel's Electronics' Mouse Eye lets you tap into that knowledge and add precise delta X and Y movement info it to your project. Using Avago optical navigation technology the mouse eye can track and even give a mouse eye view of any surface using the pixel data option. Now available on InMojo: Rachel's Electronics' Mouse Eye ]]> Product Highlight: Low Power Arduino Compatible Mini Ultra 8 MHz Sun, 24 Jul 2011 03:51:58 GMT Rocket Scream's Mini Ultra 8 MHz As long as you have power left, powering Arduino-based projects with batteries opens up a world of possibilities. As long as you have power left. There are dozens of Arduino compatible boards, each focusing on a specific niche. Rocket Scream's Mini Ultra 8 MHz is the answer for anyone looking for a low power board. A fully compatible board, the Mini Ultra 8 MHz runs using the minimum amount of power possible and comes with optimized low power libraries to help you eek every last second out of your battery. If you're planning a battery-powered project, the Mini ... ]]> Call to Help a Young Maker Get to Maker Faire NYC Wed, 06 Jul 2011 09:52:31 GMT We just found out that one of our favorite makers Joe Hudy is raising funds to travel to New York to present his latest work at Maker Faire NYC in September. If you were are Maker Faire Bay Area in May you probably remember Joe as the fourteen year old natural-born hacker and burgeoning open source hardware powerhouse behind the bright orange Extreme Marshmallow Cannon. If you haven't seen the marshmallow cannon, you own it to yourself to check it out (and probably to build one) on Look What Joey's Making. If you'd like to help Joe ... ]]> OSHW Breaking Into Consumer Electronics with the HexBright Open Source Flashlight Mon, 27 Jun 2011 01:10:38 GMT There are a lot of open source hardware products that have real world consumer applications, but the HexBright open source flashlight by Christian Carlberg is one the first true open source consumer electronics products. Not only is it a best-in-breed LED flashlight sporting a powerful CREE XM-L LED capable of putting out 500 lumens and can reprogrammed via USB to display any light sequence (high, low, blinking, SOS, etc.), but it is also one of the only open source hardware products you can give to your grandmother without any explanation (and who's grandmother doesn't want a shinny new ... ]]> Maker Faire Bay Area Recap Tue, 14 Jun 2011 02:16:16 GMT InMojo is back in Tokyo after our first Bay Area Maker Faire since we launched. As we mentioned in a previous post, we came fully equipped with a pretty significant amount of swag and offloaded it to some 1,500 eager makers, arduino pros, and unsuspecting novices. Thanks to everyone, the response has been great from people who received our kits and we had a great time meeting everyone and handing them out! Although both kits that we gave out were completely awesome, I personally thought the Ion Chamber Radiation Detector was the coolest because it calls for MacGyvering a ... ]]> Announcing the Get Like Get Mojo Monthly $50 Giveaway! Fri, 20 May 2011 13:05:38 GMT At InMojo there is nothing we admire more than people who go out and create something new and share it back to the community—the often unsung heroes behind our open hardware. In fact, lately we've been wishing there were more ways to show our appreciation and we figured we weren't the only ones. Which is why we're thrilled to announce our Get Liked Get Mojo Monthly $50 Giveaway! It's a great chance for hardware fans to show their support for their favorite projects and help the makers win $50 worth of great hardware in the ... ]]> Countdown to Maker Faire Bay Area Tue, 17 May 2011 01:38:40 GMT Maker Faire Bay Area 2011 kicks off this weekend, and InMojo is thrilled to be going—our first Bay Area Maker Faire since we launched! We'll be giving away some great free swag, so let us know if you are going to be there to make sure we save some for you. Hope to see you there! ]]> Cutting the Power Cord Fri, 13 May 2011 21:49:36 GMT Now that Seeed Studio products are on InMojo we've had the chance to play around a lot more with some really cool products. One of our favorites is Seeed Studio's Wireless Power Supply. In order to get a better feel for it, I hacked up the test setup above. For my first test I supplied 5V input and tested the output. Surprisingly the receiver only drained power when the transmitter and receiver were touching. When I moved the receiver away it went back to 0V. For my second test I increased the input to 12V (the max allowed ... ]]> Our New Look Thu, 12 May 2011 21:27:23 GMT Last night we took the veil off our latest homepage design and layout. The new design is setup to make it easier to find popular items and also highlight some great new and interesting ones. We hope you like it! ]]> Product Highlight: Mini Mood Light v1 Tue, 10 May 2011 05:09:56 GMT Redwire EconoTAG MC13224V Dev Board Feeling like #FF0000 today? Or is it more of a #0000FF kind of day? The Mini Mood Light Kit by Part Fusion Electronics is a fun interactive kit that is designed to let you set show off the color of your mood, and of course can be used for any any color-oriented project. One button controls red, one for yellow, one for green, and one to reset the system. It's also powered by a Texas Instruments MSP430G2211 micro controller, so is a perfect kit to hack around with TI's MSP430 LaunchPad development board. Definitely worth checking out! Now ... ]]> Product Highlight: Redwire EconoTAG - Flying 802.15.4 In Style Thu, 05 May 2011 23:32:46 GMT Redwire EconoTAG MC13224V Dev Board Freescale Semiconductor's 3rd generation 2.4 GHz 802.15.4 wireless enabled SoC (System on Chip) MC13224V is a powerhouse with an ARM 7 TDMI-S 32-bit CPU. But it is still just a chip. Redwire's EconoTAG MC13224V Dev Board is everything you need to get a MC13224V-powered project up and running. The EconoTAG core runs at 24Mhz and gives you access to 36 GPIO, JTAG interface for debugging and firmware uploading, UART, SPI, I2C and FT2232H based Hi Speed USB and has an on board bootloader—so you don't need anything else to start programming your project ... ]]> Announcing Seeed Studio Items on InMojo! Tue, 03 May 2011 00:13:43 GMT Arduino Compatible Seeeduino Film An ultra-flexible Arduino compatible development platform for space-sensitive projects. It's flexible, super slim, suitable to build wearable applications, and has a built-in Li-Po charger. Seeeduino Film Seeeduino v2.21 (ATmega328P) Low cost Arduino clone with usability improvements (such as switches and multiple ... ]]> Arduino Master: Wires & Cables Sun, 24 Apr 2011 06:08:28 GMT Phi-Connect by Liudr Arduino and Physics Gadgets Connect all of an Arduino's pins to a breadboard with a single cable for easy project swapping. Phi-Connect Aussie Shield by Rugged Circuits Pop an Arduino in face-down and have access to 28 quick-connect (screw-less) terminals. Aussie Shield Quick Shield by Rugged Circuits ... ]]> RDTN and iGeigie Featured on Treehugger Thu, 21 Apr 2011 04:41:19 GMT and the iGeigie featured on Treehugger. ]]> Product Highlight: Toasted Circuits' Lightuino 5.0 Tue, 19 Apr 2011 23:17:24 GMT One of the great things about the Arduino is how easily anyone can pick it up and start building projects. But as projects get more complex—especially when adding shields and working with lots of LEDs—is easy to quickly run out of pins. (On one of my first Arduino projects I was forced to create a complex series of flashing codes to represent all of the different states of a project after only having one pin left to control feedback LEDs). Toasted Circuits' Lightuino (now version 5.0) is a little bit of board magic that lets you jump ... ]]> OSHW Logo Font (TTF) Version Tue, 19 Apr 2011 04:19:09 GMT The official OSHW logo was selected a few of weeks ago, and already the community has recreated versions of the logo for several popular CAD applications. Examples: SVG, gEDA, Eagle ULP, KiCad. To support the spread of the logo, we are adding a software-independent font version (TTF) of the logo into the mix. The font is a modified version of NovaMono (the font that is used to the logo) and symbols are saved in the UTF area: 22EE: Logo / Fill & text 22EF: Logo / Fill & no text 22F0: Logo / Outline & no text 22F1: Logo / Outline & text The characters can be copy ... ]]> Product Highlight: Mux Shield Mon, 18 Apr 2011 02:47:26 GMT Mayhew Labs' Mux Shield is another of these extremely useful Arduino extension shields. If you have ever worried about not having enough analog inputs (for example for larger sensor-based installations), Mux Shield is exactly for you. It features three multiplexers and allows you to connect 48 analog/digital inputs or digital outputs in many combinations. Mayhew Labs also joined the disaster relief effort for Japan and is generously donating 50% of profits from each purchase to help people who were adversely effected by the Tohoku earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima nuclear accident. Now available on InMojo: Mayhew Labs' Mux Shield ]]> Launching Radiation Detection Open Hardware Network in Japan Sat, 16 Apr 2011 21:50:58 GMT When the scale of the nuclear disaster in Japan started to become clear in the wake of the Great Tohoku Earthquake, the worldwide team behind set out to build a service that would help people get accurate information on the radiation levels throughout the county. It's pretty amazing what they have been able to accomplish in just a few short weeks, and with the support of Tokyo Hackerspace and other groups the members are meeting this week in Japan to begin the rollout of a citizen-driven sensor network of open hardware radiation detectors. The team ... ]]> CustomCTRL Arduino-Based Home Automation Wed, 13 Apr 2011 13:15:38 GMT It's always been a matter of time before an open hardware product broke into the mass market and gave proprietary consumer electronics a run for their money. And if the final product is anything like the prototype, Daniel Kleinman's CustomCTRL could be the one that does it. A bridge between your smartphone and your home electronics and appliances, the CustomCTRL takes all of the flexibility of open source hardware projects and wraps it in a surprisingly non-techy, fun, and intuitive interface. The CustomCTRL box plugs into your home network and can send IR signals to anything with a ... ]]> Product Highlight: Ion Chamber Radiation Detector Kit Tue, 12 Apr 2011 23:55:36 GMT There is almost nothing we don't love about Mad Scientist Hut's Ion Chamber Radiation Detector Kit. It's a Macgyver-esque DIY hack, extremely well documented, and it also gives you everything you need to turn a tin can into radiation detector for under $10. With Geiger counters being relatively expensive and in short supply, this kit offers a inexpensive (and very cool looking) way to get a general idea about the amount of gamma and beta radiation in your general vicinity (alpha can be detected by putting items inside the chamber). And the fact that Mad Scientist Hut ... ]]> Product Highlight: VJacket Wearable Live Video Controller Tue, 12 Apr 2011 03:04:13 GMT We are big fans of DIY and OSHW VJ equipment and maker-fueled video performances, which is why we were so excited to find out about the VJacket Wearable Live Video Controller. The VJacket is a combination of a VShield sensor shield for arduino, the Arduino2OSC custom open software bridge, and, well, a jacket. Put all together, and the VJacket lets you control the VJ program of your choice "from the comfort of your jacket". Think bend your right elbow to trigger a transition and touch your label to apply a filter. Overall very slick. You can learn more about the ... ]]> Open Source Hardware (OSHW) Logo Selected! Thu, 07 Apr 2011 07:51:22 GMT After almost 9,000 votes, the results are in and a final logo has been selected as the official open source hardware (oshw) logo! We had two logos in the the running, but in the end we came in a strong 4th place. Congratulations to Macklin Chaffe for his winning "Golden Orb" design. See the official post. Now that the logo is selected you can show your support for the OSHW Definition v1.0 by applying the logo to your sites and boards. ]]> Product Highlight: PHI-2 Interactive Shield for Arduino Tue, 05 Apr 2011 08:54:19 GMT Liudr's PHI-2 Interactive Shield is billed as "the best all-purpose interactive shield for Arduino," and after taking a look at the specs it's not hard to see why. The PHI-2's predecessor, the PHI-1, first caught our attention as the core of a great arduino-based reverse obstacle sensor for cars post on instructables. At the time we were hugely impressed with how much was packed into a single shield, how versatile it was, how well everything was documented, and the extensive support libraries. The PHI-2 keeps everything that was great about the PHI-1, and adds some new features ... ]]> Tokyo Hackerspace's Disaster Relief Efforts Featured in MAKE Magazine Thu, 31 Mar 2011 20:40:06 GMT Tokyo Hackerspace's Akiba (of Freaklabs fame) was interviewed in the latest installment of MAKE Magazine's Hackerspace Happenings describing Tokyo Hackerspace's disaster relief efforts in the aftermath of the Sendai earthquake and resulting tsunami and nuclear accident. Read the full interview on MAKE. Check out Freaklabs's store on inMojo and Tokyo Hackerspace's store on inMojo. ]]> Product Highlight: Keyglove Wed, 30 Mar 2011 23:24:43 GMT Virtual Reality input devices were always drawing attention of technology crowd. When I first saw Jeff Rowberg's Keyglove I was excited. Not only it has typical accelerometer / position sensor but it also allows user to make hand gestures by touching multiple conductive points and their combinations and assign them to certain desired functions. Jeff writes he designed Keyglove to be very lightweight and easily wearable to give users a possibility to perform normal tasks, such as writing. Imaging the extended possibilities if we could integrate the same conductive points into other tools, pencils, or other computer controllers! Jeff has ... ]]> Protei Open Hardware Oil Spill Cleaning Sailing Robot Tue, 29 Mar 2011 22:29:14 GMT Image by Cesar Harada I'm a fan of hardware hacking just for the fun of it, but one of the great things about open hardware is how it can address social causes with clever and economical solutions. The Protei Oil Spill Cleaning Sailing Robot is a great example of that type of social-focused open hardware. Launched to find a more effective and open solution to cleaning up oil spills like the BP oil spill in 2010, the Protei is a robotic sailboat that is being developed to autonomously pull oil absorbant material upwind, collecting much higher amounts of oil ... ]]> Product Highlight: iPhly iPhone Radio Controller Sun, 27 Mar 2011 05:48:21 GMT Ever since I first saw an iPhone I wanted to use it to control the real world. Ari Krupnik's iPhly takes that idea to a ridiculously cool level by letting you control any radio controlled airplane, helicopter, or car directly from your iPhone. His combination open source hardware and software lets you plug your existing RF module directly into the iPhly case and use the iPhone to roll, pitch down, throttle up, or yaw your plane. And the best part is that it works with the receivers you already own (confirmed to work with Spektrum, Futaba, HiTec, FrySky, Corona ... ]]> Please Vote for Our OSHW Logo Submission! Tue, 22 Mar 2011 23:07:05 GMT who was on the panel), but the final logo will be chosen by public vote. Please take a look and vote for one of our designs: Entry #1: Open Source Hardware Connections Open Source Hardware Connection Pads Logo Entry #2: Open Source Hardware Bot Open Source Hardware Bot Logo We think Open Source Hardware Connections has the best chance of winning, but vote ... ]]> Attribution Tracks - Standing on the Shoulders of Gadgets Sun, 20 Mar 2011 07:49:30 GMT Hacking for Humanity Fri, 18 Mar 2011 07:30:17 GMT We've always been huge fans of the Tokyo Hackerspace, but their response to the tragic earthquake and tsunami in northern Japan has made it even clearer what a amazing group of people they really are. Almost immediately after the tsunami struck, members of the hackerspace started making plans for ways to help the worst hit areas deal with lack of communication, power, and clean water. The team has started moving on several plans, and two days ago they announced plans to donate all of their remaining stock of Kimono Solar Lanterns (now renamed Kimono Tohoku Solar Lanterns) to people ... ]]> 2011 Sendai Earthquake and Tsunami Sun, 13 Mar 2011 08:10:11 GMT Product Highlight: Video Game Shield for Arduino by Wayne and Layne Wed, 09 Mar 2011 01:58:01 GMT A few weeks ago we reviewed nootropoic design's Hackvision arduino-compatible game console. The Hackvision is a great standalone device, but if you're looking to get your retro game groove on and want to use your existing arduino, Wayne and Layne's Video Game Shield for Arduino is the way to go. The Video Game Shield has everything you need to play and make your own video games, including graphics, text, sound effects, music, and built-in support for to two Nintendo Wii Nunchuck or Classic controllers. If you're still wondering if you can live without one, check out ... ]]> Fritzing v0.5.2b Released Thu, 03 Mar 2011 12:18:35 GMT The latest version of Fritzing's open source prototype documentation application is now available. We've been big fans of Fritzing ever since it first launched and the software has only gotten better with each release. The latest version is available at: "Fritzing is an open-source initiative to support designers, artists, researchers and hobbyists to work creatively with interactive electronics. We are creating a software and website in the spirit of Processing and Arduino, developing a tool that allows users to document their prototypes, share them with others, teach electronics in a classroom, and to create ... ]]> Product Highlight: Milkymist Wed, 02 Mar 2011 03:44:16 GMT As you probably noticed, we have a couple of new products on InMojo - one of them is very advanced OSHW device Milkymist (official site based on FPGA, made by Sebastien Bourdeauducq. Milkymist is device for realtime video synthesis that allows VJs to create their own, hardware accelerated visual effects they can later share in the community. Milkymist is not only the open device, it comes with it's own open software as well, which should help you to create new and original visual effects easily by simple programming environment called Flickernoise. But there is more interesting ... ]]> OSHW Logo Submission Deadline Extended to March 3rd Sat, 26 Feb 2011 01:18:13 GMT Due to overwhelming responses and requests for more time, the deadline for submitting your proposal for an OSHW logo has been extended until March 3rd! Your submission should: Be easy to print/see on a PCB Be easy to print/see on a Schematic document Signify Open-ness Submission Submit your logo in jpg or png format to the Definition Forum under the thread OSHW Logo. The selection process will be a combination of a committee pre-selection and then a public vote of the community. View the current submissions and submit your proposal by March 3rd! ]]> The Still Untapped Potential of Open Source Hardware Tue, 22 Feb 2011 13:06:34 GMT kickstarter, I've been periodically checking it out for interesting open source hardware (OSHW) projects. I've found a lot of great projects, but yesterday one project in particular caught my eye. It wasn't the flashiest pitch, and the product focuses on a need I don't currently have, but the story behind the product was something I hadn't seen before on the site. The product was something new and unique, but it heavily leveraged a different project's open source designs. And this is something I would like to see a ... ]]> Open Source Hardware (OSHW) Logos Sun, 20 Feb 2011 05:32:40 GMT Over 31 versions of a universal OSHW logo have been posted on Open Hardware Summit's forum. Join the discussion or submit your own by February 24th. ]]> The Power of Making is Unstoppable Fri, 18 Feb 2011 05:08:07 GMT In January, Dale Dougherty, co-founder of O'Reilly Media and head of the MAKE division, gave an great talk at TED to promote the idea that everyone out there is a Maker of some sort. We make food, we make homes, we make a living, etc. Building on this metaphor he emphasizes that makers are fascinated by being in control, knowing how things work, and being able to make them rather then just consume things. Makers are often seen to be outside the mainstream, but the truth is they stand on the shoulders of a long universal maker culture that ... ]]> Product Highlight: Hackvision Thu, 17 Feb 2011 03:33:04 GMT Hackvision If you ever feel like you missed your calling as an Atari 2600 game designer or just miss the retro game vibe, then the Hackvision is for you. A fully integrated arduino-based retro game system and development board, the Hackvision hooks up directly to your TV and gives you the option of using the on-board joypad or connecting to an external controller (including Wii Remotes). Space Invaders and Pong come pre-installed, but more importantly the system gives you everything you need to design your own games using the familiar arduino interface and easy to understand libraries. Now available on InMojo ... ]]> Focus on Simplicity and Unity Mon, 14 Feb 2011 06:25:51 GMT I'm pretty excited to announce that we have officially moved to the Open Source Hardware Definition v1.0 as our standard definition throughout the site. And in the spirit of this simplifying and unifying moment in the OSHW community, we're simplifying a few more areas of InMojo: Most importantly, after long discussion, we've decided to remove the 20 cents fee for stores to add new items. There is now a simple single 3.5% fee charged when items are sold. No monthly fees. No complicated costs. And no charge to post and keep items on the site ... ]]> Open Source Hardware (OSHW) Definition v1.0 Released! Thu, 10 Feb 2011 03:30:47 GMT The official version 1.0 of the Open Source Hardware Definition was just released by the hardworking crew behind the Open Hardware Summit. As I said in a previous post, this represents months of feedback and discussion and is a major step forward in unifying and simplifying the open source hardware movement. Now that the definition is released, it's time to spread the word, encourage adoption, show your support, and give your endorsement. There is also an initiative to select an OSHW logo. Take a look at the existing logos or submit your own in the OH Definition forum ... ]]> Open Source Hardware's Woldwide Role Mon, 07 Feb 2011 05:31:32 GMT Wired which I found through Upverter blog) and DIY movements of the past, we now have a unique opportunity to ... ]]> Announcing the InMojo Hackup Weekend Sun, 06 Feb 2011 02:41:43 GMT On Saturday, April 30th and Sunday, May 1st InMojo will be hosting our first Hackup Weekend! The goal: To hack a standard household appliance and create several new and improved devices in a single weekend. No prior hardware hacking experience required. We want to show that great things can be built in a short time simply by giving creative people the opportunity to control their own hardware. The 'winning' team's design will be cleaned up and turned into a purchasable kit, so that anyone anywhere can replicate their design. We've been keeping this one under wraps until we ... ]]> Toward an Open Source Hardware (OSHW) Definition v1.0 Thu, 03 Feb 2011 00:04:28 GMT Freedom Defined and last minute suggestions can be posted on the Open Hardware Summit Forum. The first draft of the Open Source Hardware Definition (v0.1) was the result of discussions at the Opening Hardware Workshop at Eyebeam in March 2010. While not a license itself ... ]]> Project Highlight: Tokyo Hackerspace's Kimono Solar Lantern Kit Tue, 01 Feb 2011 04:42:44 GMT Tokyo Hackerspace became the first Hackerspace to sign up on InMojo, and we really dig their first product: the Kimono Solar Lantern Kit. The kit allows people to turn almost anything into a solar powered lantern. One thing we really like about the kit is that it wasn't originally designed to be a product for sale. The projected started when one of the members of the hackerspace wanted to put a roomful of mason jars to good use by using them to light up their restaurant's patio at night (the Kimono Winebar in Tokyo, hence the ... ]]> Shipping For The Rest of Us Tue, 25 Jan 2011 05:27:36 GMT Comments & Feedback Added To Blog Posts Wed, 29 Dec 2010 12:29:15 GMT Project Highlight: MakerBot Thing-O-Matic Kit Sun, 26 Dec 2010 21:29:16 GMT MakerBot Thing-O-Matic, not only because it is insanely cool and brings together open source hardware and personal fabrication, but also because a great testament to the power of open source hardware. MakerBot Thing-O-Matic MakerBot's Thing-O-Matic is an DIY open source 3D printer kit, and is on top of almost every geek we know's Christmas list this year. The Brooklyn, NY-based MakerBot Industries behind the Thing-O-Matic launched their first ... ]]> Shinny New Item Management System Fri, 24 Dec 2010 11:57:50 GMT Group Manufacturing & Production System Launched! Wed, 01 Dec 2010 23:43:51 GMT InMojo at MAKE: Tokyo Meeting 06 Tue, 30 Nov 2010 04:11:33 GMT MAKE: Tokyo Meeting has had its 6th incarnation last weekend and InMojo was there in force. Special thanks to Shigeru Kobayashi (@kotobuki) for including us at the Make:r Maker booth ( We were in the great company of Breadboard Band, 4nchor and 1a6. MAKE: Tokyo Meeting started on Saturday noon and managed to pack more participants into a smaller venue than last year’s already crowded event. As usual, there was an impressive spread of maker culture and OSHW projects and Hackerspace goodness. We particularly liked Makerbot Industries' geektastic Cupcake CNCs, the open source MIDI controllers, open ... ]]> InMojo Day 1 - History Begins With Beta Versions Thu, 11 Nov 2010 19:24:00 GMT 1. There was no easy way for individual makers to quickly and cheaply share designs.
Innovation was happening all the time at the maker level, but it rarely feed back ... ]]>