Bluetooth Beacons
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Bluetooth 4.0 Beacon
Bluetooth 4.0 Beacon
Bluetooth 4.0 Beacon
Bluetooth 4.0 Beacon
Bluetooth 4.0 Beacon

Bluetooth 4.0 beacons assembled in the USA using BlueGiga BLE 113 modules with 256k to accommodate Over the Air updates. There is not a password necessary to adjust firmware, can be updated to the most recent version provided by BlueGiga.

Each beacon comes with a CR2477 battery which is three times the price with a longer life span than what most beacons are shipped with.

In addition, you can add a case that is made of ABS plastic not a flimsy material. The top can be screen printed or add a sticker with your logo. The top of the case is attached as an image and the unit is attached on the inside of the top part of the case. The top and bottom snap together and is approximately 3/4 inch tall and 2 inches in diameter.

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