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The USB-WT12 module is a best-in-class module. It is the only fully enclosed USB adaptor with a BlueGiga WT12 module on board. For Bluetooth starter kits, testing and development, the ESDN range of Bluetooth adaptor are the best in class, and the case prevents accidental short circuits to other components on a lab bench.

On the board is a FTDI serial-USB chip, a reset switch and 6 red LEDS which are connected to the IO pins. These boards have been professionally made by a contract assembly company, and with the latest run of 100, the price has dropped $20 with bulk buying power.

This adaptor was developed to be a training and development tool and is much less expensive than the Official Bluegiga evaluation board which is around $250.

The difference between the WT12 module and the WT11 module is the transmission distance - the WT12 is rated for 30-50m while the WT11 is rated for 200-400m. Note that external antennae are usually required to achieve these connection ranges.

All modules are supplied with a Free upgrade to the Pro Version of Blue Terminal worth $10 which is a computer program designed to make Bluetooth interfacing much easier.

This module comes fully enclosed in a case. The case may be removed by carefully using a screwdriver to free the side latch points. Two connector footprints are provided for direct interface to 3.3V TX/RX from an external microcontroller, and when power by the side connector, the FTDI chip is held in reset.

Watch the training video here: http://youtu.be/8abV9guO654

WT Module Comparison: http://www.bluegiga.com/files/bluegiga/Bluegiga_general/Bluetooth_BR-EDR_module_comparison_2-12.lowres.pdf
Youtube videos: http://www.youtube.com/ElectronicSystemDesn (WT12 connection and case assembly)

Creative Commons NonCommercial NoDerivs licence NOTE - this USB adaptor is provided as an educational tool for design and development purposes and is not designed to be resold or copied in commercial products for legal reasons. The USB adaptor is designed to fast track any Bluegiga module design and ESDN encourages the use of the Bluegiga module only in commercial products. The source files are provided to speed up the addition of a Bluegiga module to any product, commercial or non-commercial. Please contact us for more information.

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