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Freakduino Chibi - Wireless Dev Board
Freakduino Chibi - Wireless Dev Board
Freakduino Chibi - Wireless Dev Board
Freakduino Chibi - Wireless Dev Board
Freakduino Chibi - Wireless Dev Board

Low-cost, wireless, Arduino-compatible system.

The FreakLabs FREAKDUINO-CHIBI is designed for rapid prototyping, experimentation, and deployment of wireless designs at low cost. It combines the ease-of-use of the Arduino IDE, compatibility with a rich assortment of third-party peripherals ( ), and an integrated wireless radio for an inexpensive wireless prototyping system.

The base board has all the functionality of an Arduino-based system that includes wireless communication and is an inexpensive way to start playing with wireless Arduino designs. It also has optional accessories such as a battery regulation circuit for battery-powered designs, bottom-mounted battery case to hold two AA batteries, and a ruggedized enclosure with integrated battery case. .

This board was designed to introduce people to wireless sensor networking inexpensively and without having to deal with complex toolchains, protocol stacks, and software. It's fully compatible with the Arduino IDE which offers a simplified user interface and user libraries, single click compile and download, a rich ecosystem of open source software and tutorials, and a large variety of third party peripheral shields.

The addition of an integrated wireless radio based on the IEEE 802.15.4 protocol (same radio protocol as the XBee) allows for wireless control of devices or wireless sensor data collection. Optional battery circuitry was added so that it could function as a true wireless node without any external power cables. The board is also designed to fit a ruggedized enclosure so that the design can be transported safely or deployed in an actual usage scenario without worrying about damaging the circuitry.

The chibiArduino wireless protocol stack ( ) was designed specifically for this board. It has a simple programming interface and small memory footprint and was designed to enable Arduino users to start communicating wirelessly quickly and easily. The design goal was to use as much of the radio hardware as possible to perform the complex tasks so that the user only had to handle the main functions: init, send, and receive.

Tutorial on assembly and setup:


If this board is out of stock on InMojo, try the FreakLabs Store:

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