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Fritzing Arduino Starter Kit
Fritzing Arduino Starter Kit
Fritzing Arduino Starter Kit
Fritzing Arduino Starter Kit
Fritzing Arduino Starter Kit

Just got into interactive electronics and still need the basic tools? We created an "all-you-need-to-get-going" Fritzing Starter Kit. Also, the learning section on ( might be interesting to you with some easy, fun tutorials and videos.

With the Fritzing Starter Kit you have everything you need to start learning Arduino: A basic set for wiring things up, a lot of sensors and actuators to try out and learn about digital and analog input/output, all packaged in a handy project box.


1x Arduino UNO
1x USB Cable
1x Breadboard
1x Hookup Wire Set
1x Project Box

1x Tilt Sensor
1x Light Sensor (Photocell)
1x Temperature Sensor
2x Buttons
1x Rotary Knob (Potentiometer)

1x Servo Motor
2x green LEDs
2x red LEDs
2x yellow LEDs
1x Piezo Speaker/Buzzer
1x Relay

8x Resistors - 220Ω
4x Resistors - 1 kΩ
4x Resistors - 10 kΩ
4x Resistors - 100 kΩ
1x Resistor - 1 MΩ
1x Resistor - 5.1 MΩ
2x NPN Transistors
1x FET Power Transistor
2x Signal Diodes
1x Diode (Zener)

Here are some of the example projects that you can build with this kit:
Photocell -
Tilt Switch -
Servo Motor -
Touch Switch -
Traffic Light -
Analog In/Out -
Loop -
Button -

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