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Texuino 8 channel Wi-Fi Relay Board
Texuino 8 channel Wi-Fi Relay Board
Texuino 8 channel Wi-Fi Relay Board
Texuino 8 channel Wi-Fi Relay Board

The TEXUINO board will turn your electronics projects into reality with minimal effort! This compact platform features 8 relays and 10 inputs (2 of which can be used as interrupts). Through the android app you can switch the relays on or off and view the status of the inputs. Alternatively if you wish for a more bespoke solution you can use an Arduino to program the micro-controller yourself and then go even further to create your own, desktop or mobile, application!

Uses include (but not limited too):

- home automation (light switching, controlling small appliances, etc.)
- vehicle automation (key fob, stereo control, etc.)
- robotic automation (controlling custom rigs, fun projects, etc.)
- outdoor uses (garden watering systems, garage door opener, etc.)
- Input voltage: 6-12V DC

Relays rated: 10 A

Inputs: 5 Ground, 5 Live (9-14V DC)

Size: 10 x 10 cm

Note: Please do not exceed tolerances of the board and the relays, this can lead to board malfunction. Using the product assumes you have some technical knowledge of electronics. Please read instructions that come with the product before attempting anything. I am happy to provide support for this product via email so if you have any questions prior to purchase or after please do not hesitate to contact me!

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