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Digital AC Dimmer Module
Digital AC Dimmer Module
Digital AC Dimmer Module
Digital AC Dimmer Module
Digital AC Dimmer Module


NOTE for 220V/240V users.
Our latest batch shipping from Sep 1st will include a new diode bridge so that it can withstand 240V.
However you need to change the R2, R3 resistors to 120KOhm, manufacturer part: CRCW1206120KJNEA (currently 47KOhm). This will fix the overheating issue. Our next design we will be adding both resistors so that users can choose thru a SMD jumper.

InMojo Digital AC Dimmer Module is ideal for AC voltage controlling applications. Module contains a Triac triggering coupled with zero-cross detection mechanism for programming the intensity of incandescent lamps or fan speed controlled through a micro-controller.

It can handle Max 1000W load and maximum voltage rating of 400VAC. Connect the utility power at AC IN connector and intended control device in to LOAD connector. An indicator is provided on-board to test the Triac trigger mechanism. Indicator will be full bright when LOAD is 100% ON state.

All the parts are listed in the schematic diagram except for the TRIAC. This is because typically you can use any TRIAC with the SOT-428 footprint. For your information all our assembled dimmer modules are assembled with BT136S (manufacturer part: 771-BT136S-600F118).

Check our download section below to get our Arduino sample code to connect with Arduino.

Care should be taken when dealing with AC voltages.

1. Two versions of the Arduino sample code timing are provided. One is for people living in 50Hz countries, the other is for people living in 60Hz countries. Please download the correct version. Check out the comments given in the code for details.
2. If you need to control higher loads, we accept design alteration depend on your specifications (purchase count 50+ only)

If you have any trouble setting up the provided sample code or need help to setting up with PIC micro-controllers feel free to contact us at

*** 10% of all proceeds will be donated to disaster relief in Japan ***

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