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Ikimo Robot Platform
Ikimo Robot Platform
Ikimo Robot Platform
Ikimo Robot Platform
Ikimo Robot Platform
Ikimo Robot Platform

If you are a MAC OSX 10.8 User (Mountain Lion) you will have USB Driver problem as pointed here.

To fix: Install the latest FTDI Driver (VCP) from here.

The main idea of this project is to provide with a very easy to use/customize materials for building small robots. When we say customize, it is actually complete customize which means customizing the hardware circuit, chassis, firmware and even PC software which controls the robots. Through this complete Open Source blue prints, user can very easily modify the designs to match their needs. Furthermore, Ikimo Robot Platform is a low-cost community-designed robot.

All Our Base Are Belong To You!
Ikimo's arduino-compatible robot brain means easy coding, easy modding, and (easy) access to all sorts of arduino-ecosystem addons and modules. All schematics, code, and libraries are open source and available for download.

Firmware/Software support
We provide a very easy to use API which can be loaded to the IKIMO board and start communicating with the board though popular software interfaces such as Java, Processing, C++, Python, VVVV etc... Please check in Downloads section for sample code. (Project is hosted and maintained by Charith @ inmojo)

"Phybots", a full featured Java Library support can be downloaded (supports Win/Mac) and setup within few minutes. AR marker based tracking, line tracing, pick and place objects are included in the software bundle. (Project is hosted and maintained by Jun Kato).

Python libraries written to directly communicate with Ikimo board can be downloaded from (Project is hosted and maintained by Daniel Saakes).

Created your own library or mod? Let us know and we will post it to the official Ikimo site.

What's in a Frame?
Ikimo's standard frame layout lets you download and share laser cut frame designs. Search the frame library for a design you like, upload your designs, or sell your own pre-cut chassis.

Whai Ikimo can do

Robot Brain Tech Specs

  • Controller core: Atmega 328P 3.3v
  • Core Logic voltage: 3.3v
  • Processor speed: 8Mhz
  • Motor voltage input : 6V ~ 15V (Can be changed by replacing appropriate U2 regulator)
  • Motor speed control method: PWM 8-bit Res
  • Motor stepping modes: CW, CCW, Stop, Brake
  • DC motors: up to 4 DC motors 6V ~ 12v / 1A max
  • Servo motors: up to 4 Servo motors 5V
  • 6 Analog inputs with Vcc, GND rails (perfect for IR distance sensors, Ultrasonic sensors etc...)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Class 2.0 EDR with Toshiba Stack, USB 1.1 (Firmware upload, Data)
  • Dimensions: 75mm×45mm (mounting hole placement 70mm×40mm)
  • Optional AVR ISP port for direct programming of Atmega 328 Chip
  • Compatible with any of our DC motors, Servo motors including Tamiya Gear boxes.

  • If you have any trouble setting up the provided driver or hardware feel free to contact us at

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