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InMojo Xbee-Ethernet Arduino Server
InMojo Xbee-Ethernet Arduino Server
InMojo Xbee-Ethernet Arduino Server
InMojo Xbee-Ethernet Arduino Server
InMojo Xbee-Ethernet Arduino Server

If you are a MAC OSX 10.8 User (Mountain Lion) you will have USB Driver problem as pointed here.

To fix: Install the latest FTDI Driver (VCP) from here.

InMojo Xbee-Ethernet Server is ideal for people who wants to control hobby electronics/home appliances over Ethernet without any additional overheads such as expensive server hardware and connect/control your home appliances remotely when you are away. This tiny hardware server is equipped with Wiznet W5100 TCP offloader chip and a Arduino core which is similar to the processing power of Arduino UNO or other variants. In addition we have added the local wireless communication feature through a Zigbee mesh network. With these great features, we managed to shrink the footprint down to a 1/2 the size of a business card.

Unlike common Xbee-Ethernet Gateways InMojo Xbee-Ethernet Server has a built in Arduino core so that you do not need any other additional hardware (Arduino or other micro-controller) to call the TCP, DHCP, Telnet, UDP, SNMP... protocol stack to work as a host server hardware without any use of a operating system (OS).

As you know with a real server hardware you can host webpages, server scripts etc... Similarly this tiny server can handle HTML, Ajax integration, and Json(p) scripting (only tested) based webpages to host directly on board. This enables to create your own web interface to control/read your desired applications. (Note: there are articles about integrating Python scripting, PhP with Arduino Ethernet shield. We could not test all of these, but ideally it should work. We encourage you to try and post the results.)

We carefully designed the Ethernet communication to the Arduino core such that it follows the same connections so that if you are working on a Arduino Ethernet shield project and you can migrate to the InMojo Xbee-Ethenet shield without changing the code. In addition having able to locally communicate through Xbee and globally communicate through Ethernet greatly reduces the cost of multi-node applications such as sensor networks. Ideally Xbee works as LAN network and Ethernet works as WAN. (just for explanation) So for example say you have 10 sensor nodes which has Xbee modules, you can assign them all to send the data to the InMojo Xbee server. In Server, you can write an Arduino code such that it receives the data from all 10 sensor nodes, make a one packet and send it over Ethenet. Also you can create a easy to access web interface using HTML, Ajax etc.. so that you can view/control the data/nodes from anywhere in the world where you have internet access.

With these great features there are enormous examples and applications that this configuration can be used.

Specifications for Ethernet section:

  • Supports Hardwired TCP/IP Protocols TCP, UDP, ICMP, IPv4 ARP, IGMP, PPPoE, Ethernet
  • Supports 10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet Interfaces
  • Supports Auto Negotiation (Full-duplex and half duplex)
  • Supports Auto MDI/MDIX
  • Supports ADSL connection (with support PPPoE Protocol with PAP/CHAP Authentication mode)
  • Supportss 4 independent sockets simultaneously
  • Internal 16Kbytes Memory for Tx/Rx Buffers
  • Multi-function LED indicators for TX, RX

  • Specifications for Arduino section :
  • Controller core: Atmega 328P 3.3v
  • Core Logic voltage: 3.3v
  • Processor speed: 8Mhz
  • Dedicated Power port voltage input : 3.7V ~ 15V or USB Bus powered
  • Connectivity: Xbee socket (Supports any Xbee modules)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Class 2.0 EDR with Toshiba Stack, USB 1.1 (Firmware upload, Data)
  • Board-to-board: I2C, and UART
  • Dimensions: 60mm×40mm (mounting hole placement 54mm×34mm)
  • Optional AVR ISP port for direct programming of Atmega 328 Chip

  • InMojo Xbee-Ethernet Arduino Server

    We also provide sample Arduino codes for (Please check Downloads section below)
  • Simple HTML webpage to display the analog input readings and xbee receive data and
  • Simple HTML. AJAX and Json(p) based client-server data communication example for controlling a LED using a web button and a slider and see the intensity reading while duplicate the dimming in local network through xbee

  • Xbee pairing settings can be downloaded through the downloads section to be used with X-CTU.
    If you do not have X-CTU installed please download at

    If you have any trouble setting up the provided sample code or need help to setting up with PIC micro-controllers feel free to contact us at

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