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WF121 Wifi Breakout Board
WF121 Wifi Breakout Board
WF121 Wifi Breakout Board
WF121 Wifi Breakout Board
WF121 Wifi Breakout Board


IMMINENT CHANGE: I have recently created a new storefront to accommodate the needs of a more customized approach to selling multiple variants. All of my breakout boards will no longer be available through InMojo. For all future purchases, please visit:


  • InMojo has been excellent in every regard, and this is not to reflect badly on either their platform (which is great) or staff (who have been very helpful). But there are features I need which make sense for breakouts while not being so useful for other types of products. It is more logical for me to create a custom store than ask them to rewrite their entire website. Thanks for a great venue!


    This breakout board gives you full access to all of the pins of Bluegiga's WF121 802.11b/g/n full-stack Wi-Fi module. Notable features:

  • Standard 0.1" pin spacing
  • Two aligned pin rows for easy breadboard mounting
  • Narrow enough to allow for pin access on both sides of a typical double-column 5-pin breadboard
  • Module reset button (to MCLR pin)
  • Power LED (can be disabled/enabled with solder jumper)
  • User LED to RD4 (can be disabled/enabled with solder jumper)
  • Power directly from PICkit3 header or UART header for easy reflashing/testing
  • Special VCC pin routed through 3.3v regulator for > 3.3v supply (~400mA current required!)
  • Follows Bluegiga's reference design for basic circuits
  • Preloaded with BGAPI-enabled firmware for UART control

  • NOTE 1: These modules come from me with a non-default firmware image flashed on them

    This has the the UART1 port enabled at 115200,8/N/1 for BGAPI control, and UART2 port configured as a streaming endpoint. UART2 is not separately broken out, though all pins are available through various GPIOs on the module. You should use Bluegiga's WifiGUI tool for initial testing over UART if you have not used this module before.

    NOTE 2: The crystals and capacitors are NOT included in the normal assembled version of the board. This means that very fast UART speed and hand-wired USB access will not work without modification, as you need the 8MHz crystal for these functions. Normal 115.2k UART access will work without issue though.[/bold['

    NOTE 3: Building this by hand is not an easy task. If you are not very comfortable with SMT modules and hot-air rework, I strongly recommend buying the assembled version instead of the bare PCB.

    Details on the module are available here:


  • Check out the technical resource area of Bluegiga's site, where you can find all kinds of documentation and application notes for the WF121 (free registration required). The Bluegiga Forum doesn't require registration to view and is an excellent resource, with many articles written by yours truly:

  • (Bluegiga support forums)

  • You can buy the WF121 module itself from SemiconductorStore or Mouser for about $30-$35:


  • A full Mouser project with single-module quantities of all parts for the current version 1.1 of the board is here:

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    Assembled breakout, NO CRYSTALS. Preloaded with BGAPI-controllable firmware.
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    PCB only, no components. Significant SMT work required (note pads underneath inside module borders).
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