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WT12 Bluetooth Breakout Board
WT12 Bluetooth Breakout Board
WT12 Bluetooth Breakout Board
WT12 Bluetooth Breakout Board
WT12 Bluetooth Breakout Board


IMMINENT CHANGE: I have recently created a new storefront to accommodate the needs of a more customized approach to selling multiple variants. All of my breakout boards will no longer be available through InMojo. For all future purchases, please visit:


  • InMojo has been excellent in every regard, and this is not to reflect badly on either their platform (which is great) or staff (who have been very helpful). But there are features I need which make sense for breakouts while not being so useful for other types of products. It is more logical for me to create a custom store than ask them to rewrite their entire website. Thanks for a great venue!


    Current design: Version 2.1, Feb. 5, 2014

    This breakout board gives you full access to all of the pins of Bluegiga's versatile WT12 Class 2 Bluetooth module. Notable features include:

  • Latest iWRAP5 firmware released from Bluegiga
  • Standard 0.1" pin spacing
  • Two aligned pin rows for easy breadboard mounting
  • Narrow enough to allow for pin access on both sides of a typical double-column 5-pin breadboard
  • UART interface header with 5V-tolerant power and data pins
  • Module reset button
  • Flow control RTS/CTS solder jumper (like the BlueSMiRF)
  • Power LED, and USR LED connected to PIO5 which may be controlled through iWRAP
  • 5V-tolerant power and UART data pins on the UART header

  • NOTE: Building this by hand is not an easy task. If you are not very comfortable with SMT modules and hot-air rework, I strongly recommend buying the assembled module instead of the board itself.

    The UART header allows control of the module using its UART interface, and the header is pin-compatible with SparkFun's BlueSMiRF modules. The WT12's default port settings are 115200, 8/N/1, hardware flow control enabled but optional. Note that if you are not using flow control, you should connect CTS to GND to ensure reliable operation.

    If you are using the Arduino Serial Monitor tool, remember that each command sent must end in a CR+LF. Make sure your terminal settings are correct in this regard.

    The WT12, which uses the iWRAP firmware, can do almost everything you could want to do with a Bluetooth module except for analog A2DP and AVRCP (you'd need the WT32 for that). It even has support for the HID profile built in, which makes it the only easily accessible DIY-friendly BT device with this capability. Almost everything else you can get from electronics retail places only has SPP. Details on the module are available here:

    The technical resource area of Bluegiga's site where you can find all kinds of documentation and application notes for the WT12 and iWRAP protocol is here (free registration required):

    You can buy the WT12 module itself for about $19 from SemiconductorStore or Mouser:

    A full Mouser project with single-module quantities of all parts for the current version 2.1 of the board is here:


  • I am also working on a feature-complete iWRAP management code library. It is specifically designed for the Arduino platform, but it could easily be ported to other devices since the vast majority of the code is pure C++ with very little Arduino-specific stuff. That code is available in this GitHub repository (still incomplete):

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    WT12 Breakout Board with mounted WT12 module and required components. Just add header pins of your choice!
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    PCB only
    WT12 Breakout Board (PCB only, no Bluetooth module). SMD work required to mount the module and other components.
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