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4CH I2C AC Light Dimmer Arduino
4CH I2C AC Light Dimmer Arduino
4CH I2C AC Light Dimmer Arduino
4CH I2C AC Light Dimmer Arduino
4CH I2C AC Light Dimmer Arduino
4CH I2C AC Light Dimmer Arduino

$ Channel I2C Light Dimmer (LEADING EDGE DIMMER)

With this module you can control the intensity of incandescent lamps, LED dimmable bulbs, power heating elements or fan speed controlled through a microcontroller or Arduino/Raspberry boards.

Compatible with any Arduino, Raspberry or microcontroller
Dimming method - leading edge
Working voltage - 110 or 240 VAC
Current per channel - up to 3A
Compatible with 50Hz and 60Hz AC Line
AC Line autodetect function
PCB dimensions - 140mm x 60mm
Distance between holes: vertical 51mm, horizontal 131mm
Mounting holes diameter: 3.2mm
100kHz I2C bus interface
I2C bus pull up switch on board
I2C device address select switch on board
Can be connected up to 8 devices on I2C bus (8 devices x 4 = 32 channels!!!)
50HZ LED - show detected AC 50HZ Line
60HZ LED - show detected AC 60HZ Line
BOTH LED Flashing - AC Line not detected

Device PIN description -
I2C Slave address map -

I2C communication protocol -

I2C-Bus Address scanner for Arduino -

Arduino demo sketch for I2C Slave address 0x27 -

Arduino demo sketch for I2C Slave address 0x3F -

Dimmer board wiring to Arduino board -

This board have pull-up switch for SDA and SCL lines.
I2C-bus must be always pull-ups.
If you use more than one device on I2C-bus - one device must be pull-ups and others not.

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