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PWM 16A AC Light Dimmer Arduino
PWM 16A AC Light Dimmer Arduino
PWM 16A AC Light Dimmer Arduino
PWM 16A AC Light Dimmer Arduino
PWM 16A AC Light Dimmer Arduino
PWM 16A AC Light Dimmer Arduino


PWM 16A AC Leading Edge Dimmer is a low cost, high performance dimmer for 50Hz and 60Hz AC lines.
Controlled via input PWM signal for easily connection with master device.
Designed for controlling high power of resistive and inductive loads.


Low cost and high performance
Not needed external power supply
PWM signal input level - 3.3V and 5.0V
PWM signal frequency up to 10kHz
Output low voltage power supply - 5.0V @ 100mA max
Optoisolation between high and low voltage side – 1000V
Input voltage range - 100…240VAC
Input AC line voltage frequency – 50Hz, 60Hz
AC line frequency auto detect function
Button for changing PWM input level - 3.3V/5.0V
Constant current – up to 16A
Standby power – 0.8W
Overheating protection
Dimensions - 80mm x 130mm


When you're operate with current more than 5A, set output level slowly!
For example, your load current is 8A and you want set MAX output level.
Do it in few steps - 0%...20%...60%...100%.
Why? When load is cold, it resistance almost equal to zero and in this case output load is like "short circuit".

Device in action -


Adjust power of heating elements
Adjust LED bulb brightness
Adjust incandescent lamp brightness
Adjust AC motor speed

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