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Enhanced PICKIT2 Programmer Debugger
Enhanced PICKIT2 Programmer Debugger
Enhanced PICKIT2 Programmer Debugger
Enhanced PICKIT2 Programmer Debugger

Enhanced PICKIT2 Programmer/Debugger with ZIF,ICSP & USB cable,5v & 3.3v Support


Aptinex Enhanced PICKit2 USB Programmer/Debugger is a high performance and user friendly tool developed for convenient programming & debugging of PIC family microcontrollers. The miniature size of this programmer makes it easy to carry with you, making it the tool you want to carry it with you and the range of compatible PIC MCU devices makes it popular from students to design professionals. The ability to just simply plug the programmer directly to an USB port eliminates the requirement of extra cables makes it undoubtedly handy.

This USB PICKit2 Compatible programmer/debugger for Microchip PIC Microcontrollers which is controlled by a PC running MPLAB IDE (v8.20 or greater) software on a Windows platform. This programmer/debugger is an integral part of the development engineer’s tool suite. The application usage can vary from software development to hardware integration.

This programmer/debugger is a device used for hardware and software development of Microchip PIC microcontrollers (MCUs) and dsPIC Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) that are based on In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP) and Enhanced In-Circuit Serial Programming 2-wire serial interfaces. In addition to debugger functions, the programmer/debugger system also may be used as a development programmer.

The debugger system executes code like an actual device because it uses a device with built-in emulation circuitry, instead of a special debugger chip, for emulation. All available features of a given device are accessible interactively, and can be set and modified by the MPLAB IDE interface.


· Full-speed USB support using Windows standard drivers (Windows 7 Supported)
· Real-time execution
· Processors run at maximum speeds
· Built-in over-voltage/short circuit monitor
· Low voltage to 5V (1.8 to 5V range)
· Supports 3.3V
· Diagnostic LEDs (power, active, status)
· Read/write program and data memory of microcontroller
· Erase of all memory types (EEPROM, ID, configuration and program) with verification
· Peripheral freeze at breakpoint
· Supports programming for 8 Pin,18 Pin, 20 Pin, 28 Pin, 40 Pin PIC Microcontrollers
· Supports PIC 10F, 12F, 16F, 18F, 24F, 30F Families.
· Supports 5V and 3.3V PIC 10F, 12F, 16F, 18F, 24F, dsPIC30F & dsPIC33F Families

Additional multi-function features:

· Four channel general I/O generator or monitor.
· Three channel Logic Analyzer
· Real-time Serial RS232 UART monitor which can be attached to RS232 (UART) port to monitor communication data flow.
· Serial RS232 UART tester. Send and receive data to other RS232 (UART) devices for communication testing.

Package Contains:
· Enhanced PICKIT2 Programmer/Debugger
· USB Cable
· 6P-6P Dupont Cable for ICSP
· Guide for device positions

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