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Custom order
Custom order
Custom order

I really need this part to finish my project, help?!

This is an option to place a custom order with me. I have a large stock of parts, including buttons, capacitors, LEDs, resistors, LCDs, right-angle pins, regular pins, ATMEGA328P, etc that I can send to you for a low price since I bought them at large quantity.

I typically appreciate it if you order something from my store and then request me to add some other parts with the order. We will come up with an acceptable price.

Each item is $1.00 so if the price is $5.00, you then pay for 5 "items" and I mail your order with the additional parts.

If you live outside the distribution range of most electronics distributors or their overseas shipping is just too ridiculous, I could help you if I have the parts. You don't have to purchase anything else from my store.

As much as I'd like to help out, I am not a personal shopping assistant. I can't help you get parts I don't have or I won't be purchasing soon. I encourage you to contact your local hacker space or local shop.

Current stock pile pricing:

One set of Arduino female stacking headers (2X 6-pin 2X 8-pin) - $1.5
small tactile buttons (10 pcs) - $1.0
male breakout headers (4X 40-pin row) - $1
More to come

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Depends on what you asked me to send you.
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