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Membrane matrix keypad 4X4
Membrane matrix keypad 4X4
Membrane matrix keypad 4X4

This is a membrane matrix keypad 4X4. The keys printed on the keypad are 0-9, A-D, * and #. This keypad can be plugged into the following phi-panel serial LCD backpack (not included) to add a keypad to the LCD:

The lcd backpack supports multitap so you can use the keypad to enter all alphanumerical glyphs and all symbols on a PC keyboard.

You can also use this keypad directly on arduino with my phi_interfaces library:

A separate library will be needed to support multitap when the keypad is directly connected to arduino.

You will need 8 arduino pins to hook this keypad to arduino but just one pin if you have the phi-panel LCD backpack.

The shipping cost setup for this item is such that if you purchase this keypad with something else, say a phi-panel LCD backpack, it will be virtually free shipping. But if you simply purchase this keypad alone, the shipping will be higher, to cover packaging and postage.

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