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Dr. Liu A.K.A. liudr@arduino forum specializes in LCD user interface data logging and contract programming
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Country: USA
PCB design help
PCB design help
PCB design help
PCB design help
PCB design help
PCB design help

If you find yourself with a big idea but stuck on circuit design, come get help from Dr. Liu. He has design dozens of popular circuit boards for Arduino including phi-1 and phi-2 shields, phi-panels, phi-connect and contract projects involving data logging etc. He will help you design your printed circuit board (PCB) and help you pick components for the board and help you get your PCB orders placed. The design cost is at approximately $100 per hour, a fair charge considering your project might be too small to ask for an engineering firm to do. Dr. Liu will release the PCB design copyright to you so you can go on to make profit out of your big idea.

Even if you only intend to make a couple dozen units, you will benefit from making a new PCB compared with just using a stack of Arduino shields or even breadboards. See the following:

1) You get a lot better electrical and mechanical stability with a single circuit board compared with using shields and perforation boards
2) You get a PCB that fits in an enclosure instead of trying to find an enclosure for your boards
3) You will streamline production in the future
4) You will also save on the long run if you make more than a couple dozen units in the future

Both thru-hole and surface-mount designs can be drawn depending on how you want to assemble. For beginners, thru-hole designs are easy to assemble. For advanced users or if you would like me to assemble for you, surface-mount designs are best at saving area and larger quantity assembly.

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