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Phi-2 interactive shield for arduino
Phi-2 interactive shield for arduino
Phi-2 interactive shield for arduino
Phi-2 interactive shield for arduino
Phi-2 interactive shield for arduino
Phi-2 interactive shield for arduino

In case you have trouble ordering, you may order a kit directly from my blog at
USPS has doubled international rates to around $12.75 to most part of the world. My blog sales page has more accurate rates.

Due to USPS mailing restrictions, a coin battery is no longer included in the kit. Sorry for the inconvenience.

You can also order a Phi-2 shield with 20X4 display here:

Sold by the designer:
The most popular item on inmojo

Sold by the designer:
Phi-2 shield is the best all-purpose interactive shield for Arduino! You are not just getting a piece of hardware; you’ve just got the best interactive user interface software package, phi_prompt, and the best support from Liudr!

From happy users:

"Awesome software support – you’ve done all the work already!!! Great for a 'cut and paste' guy like me."

"I want to take a minute and thank you for your work on the Phi-2, it’s a great spring board to many other Arduino projects."

Visit its home page here for pictures, videos, documentations, codes and libraries and updates:

Need a larger display? Check out the 20*4 display variant!

Sample video:

Phi_prompt Text-based user interface library for phi-2 shield:

List of functions:

  • Compatible with Duemilanove, UNO, MEGA, and pin-compatible clones and Ethernet shield with SD card
  • 16X2 LCD character display
  • 6 push buttons arranged in arrow keys and two more on the side
  • 2 RJ45 ports for up to 16 long and robust connections to sensors or devices (purchase RJ45 jack at with part number A31442-ND or at with part number DE3649)
  • Buzzer to play tones, ready for any Arduino pin, in place of RJ45 port 1
  • Sensor block for many common sensors, in place of RJ45 port 2, temperature, pressure, light, magnetic field etc.
  • Two 3mm LED indicators, ready for any Arduino pins
  • Real time clock with battery backup keeps the time when Arduino is turned off
  • EEPROM (24LC256 or 24LC512) to log data, and keep data when power is off
  • GPS connector and breakout for EM-406A GPS module
  • Reset button for Arduino
  • All Arduino pins, brought out for maximal flexibility
  • The I2C bus headers next to analog pins 4 and 5 for both UNO and MEGA

  • The Phi-2 shield is revised from the popular Phi-1 shield, which has gained its popularity among Arduino users and

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    - Ships in 3 -
    This includes all parts (PCB, LCD, real time clock etc.) needed to assemble a kit. It DOES NOT include GPS module or connector, or EEPROM
    PCB +battery holder + buzzer
    This includes PCB, battery holder, and the buzzer. The rest of the parts are listed under parts list in documentation.
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    PCB only
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    This includes PCB only. You will need parts to assemble them. Refer to parts list in documentaion.
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