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Phi-connect arduino cable management
Phi-connect arduino cable management
Phi-connect arduino cable management
Phi-connect arduino cable management
Phi-connect arduino cable management

Phi-connect is a wire/cable management system for Arduino. It passes all Arduino connections to a breadboard with one cable. You can connect your Arduino to a project with just one step. Forget about reconnecting dozens of jumper wires when switching to a different project! You can switch from one project to another project in 3 seconds. How can you do that if you used jumper wires. You will also be able to mount phi-connect inside your project box. When you need your Arduino back, unplug it. You leave $4 worth of board inside your project box and reuse the rest on a new project. Anytime you miss you old project, plugging Arduino back in takes 3 second. Once the Arduino is plugged back in, your project springs into life!

Video of easily switching between two projects with phi-connect:

The special features of phi-connect:

* Passes all Arduino pins to the breakout board to be plugged into breadboards or soldered inside a project box.
* 5V/GND pins directly plugs into power buses to power the breadboard and improves mechanical strength.
* Mechanical key on the cable prevents mistakes when inserting the cable.
* 12 additional 5V connections and 12 additional GND connections for using this as a switch board inside your project box.

The stack-able shield provides advantage so that you can stack any arduino shield above the stack-able phi-connect, benefiting from both shield functionality and neatly passing all your arduino pins to a breadboard for additional prototype space. Let's admit the proto-shield doesn't have enough space for any serious projects:).

The additional breakout board version is an accessory. If you want to use phi-connect on two more projects or installations, you can get two extra breakout boards with this option.

This breadboard/project box breakout board is 7.2cm in length. If you need smaller sized breakout boards I have a smaller version with only 5cm long in limited quantity.

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Stackable shield kit
Complete kit with female stacking headers with long legs and right-angle male headers so you can stack any shields above the phi-connect.
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Two extra breakout boards
(only 2 left!)
- Ships in 3 -
3 40-pin male headers and 2 breakout boards for breadboard to connect to two more projects. You can use them inside your project box also.
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