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Dr. Liu A.K.A. liudr@arduino forum specializes in LCD user interface data logging and contract programming
Joined: February 24, 2011
Country: USA
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Software help
Software help
Software help

If you are having trouble with your project and really need my help with programming, especially building data loggers with telemetry, making a user interface/menu, or integrating sensors into your existing arduino systems, please contact me via my blog at and we may be able come up with possible solution and a contract.

I also have a lot of popular Arduino shields, such as bluetooth shield, Adafruit's SD datalogger shield, screw shield, Rugged circuit motor shield, and other hardware such as Arduino MEGA, Micro, Leonardo, DUE, QuadRAM, Raspberry Pi B, 2B, 3B and lots of sensors and parts so I can remotely develop your project that involves hardware as well as software.

Projects that I've developed for clients:

  • Stream gauge system for water resource monitoring (several dozen data loggers with various telemetry such as 3G, WiFi, Ethernet, Xbee
  • Soil temperature and moisture monitoring system with telemetry (a dozen data loggers and one gateway with webpage data extraction and google graph plotting)
  • Spectral reflectance mapping of farm fields data logging with GPS and time stamps
  • Water monitoring stations with various sensors such as pH, conductivity, ORP, turbidity, etc. including xbee telemetry
  • Weather and soil monitoring stations with rain gauge, leaf sensor, pyronometers, IR thermometer, multisensor probes for soil with xbee telemetry
  • Alarm system with real-time clock, multiple alarms and multiple-step motor actuation for each alarm

  • My charge rate is $100 per hour but I typically work quite a bit over one hour for every hour of pay to get the code in presentable condition:)

  • I make sure I write comments where needed for future coders. I also make sure the code is expandable.

  • I prototype on my hardware whenever I have identical or similar hardware.

  • I produce video demos of the code working.

  • I also provide some free help tweaking the code.

  • I have helped many researchers, individuals and small companies achieve their goals, whether it is one prototype, or dozens of data loggers in the field. My clients span globally. I'm experienced with collaborating remotely using various techniques. With over 30 years of programming experience, any reasonable goal can be accomplished (some would require some circuit board designs that I also do).

    Please don't purchase this unless we have agreed on what I will be helping you with :)

    You get to keep the code with whatever license you prefer and I won't be keeping the copyright to the code.

    During normal time, I will make sure the code is done within a week. During summer break (May-August) and other breaks or when specially arranged, I may be able to get more done with less time.

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