Liudr arduino and physics gadgets
Dr. Liu A.K.A. liudr@arduino forum specializes in LCD user interface data logging and contract programming
Joined: February 24, 2011
Country: USA

All items I sell are genuine designs I made and tested with prototypes.

Most popular store at inmojo. Dr. Liu specializes in LCD multifunction shields and serial user interface LCD keypad panels. We also do contract programming for your arduino projects, especially with expertise in constructing user interfaces.

Liudr is my Faraday member ID at arduino forum. On the forum, I've helped many with their projects and have been helped and inspired by the genuine people interested in arduino and DIY. I have made many gadgets for arduino beginners and advanced users. Most popular among my designs is the Phi-1 shield for arduino. The first edition almost all sold out within two months and my car reverse backing obstacle sensor project with this shield became instant hit on, titled featured project on the first day I posted it.

Come find my projects, codes and articles at

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