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BLE112 Protoboard incl Lis3D and more..
BLE112 Protoboard incl Lis3D and more..
BLE112 Protoboard incl Lis3D and more..
BLE112 Protoboard incl Lis3D and more..
BLE112 Protoboard incl Lis3D and more..
BLE112 Protoboard incl Lis3D and more..

These boards have all you need to start developing your blue tooth low energy app or hardware.
The board is the size of a credit card and features the BlueGiga BLE112A blue tooth low energy module and some other cool hardware to get started right out of the box.


  • BLE-112 A
  • USB port for programing in DFU mode or to use as USB BLE Dongle
  • 20mm coin cell holder for 3V battery
  • LIS3DSH 3-axial digital accelerometer
  • Protoarea for hardware hacks
  • Modular design for snapping apart*
  • LED on pin 2_0 user programmable
  • Reset button
  • TI CC Debugger port**

  • To get started just plug in the USB cable or a 3V battery and take a iPhone 4S, iPad 3rd Gen, or other certain very new mobile devices and download the BLE app (LightBlue) its free :) When you start the app you will see the device shows up and the values can be read.

    The modules come with BLE112 "BGAPI" firmware image, the UART interface enabled for BGAPI control and USB enabled for DFU Update and limited reprogramming. For full reprogramming you will need a TI cc debugger.
  • http://www.ti.com/tool/cc-debugger

  • If you decide to just get the PCB , you will need a good solder iron with a small tip.
    But you will be not able to solder the LIS3DSH due to its package. So if you want the LIS3DSH and don't have hotair reflow equipment then better get a assembled module.

    Here is a Mouser list of parts for this board as singe quantity.
  • http://www.mouser.com/ProjectManager/ProjectDetail.aspx?AccessID=be69ffca00

  • To find out more useful infos , software, application notes and sample code register with BlueGiga's techforum (Free registration)
  • http://www.bluegiga.com/BLE112_Bluetooth_low_energy_module

  • * To snap the boards apart you will need to use a sharp hobby knife and doing so is on your own risk!!
    Cut along the red lines in the picture and do that a couple times on the top and so on the bottom.
    This needs to be done so a. the trace lines from the top get cut and b. to be able to easy snap
    the board apart. If you plan on using the individual parts, best then to cut before soldering.

    ** Note that this firmware is custom , while factory modules will require a CC debugger to reprogram and enable USB

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    Q: Why does your prices go up and down some times ?
    A: Its due to how much parts we bought in and how the conversion rate to the US$ is.

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    The blank PCB you need to oder the parts and you will need a TI CC Debugger
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