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Noopy Robot controller v.1
Noopy Robot controller v.1
Noopy Robot controller v.1
Noopy Robot controller v.1
Noopy Robot controller v.1

Noopy robot controller board is a 100% Arduino based robot brain designed with Inmojo. User can upload Arduino sketches using it's USB connector connected to PC or MAC.

Controller board comes with Arduino Pro Mini and a Bluetooth Class 2 module with SPP profile support. For more information check the specification section. The board supports standard 5V, 6V DC motors and compliant with most standard servo motor types such as Futaba, Hitec, Sanwa, GWS etc.

User can connect up to 4 Analog sensors, 4 DC motors and 4 Servo Motors.

* Controller core: Arduino Pro mini 3.3v
* Core Logic voltage: 3.3v
* Processor speed: 8Mhz
* Motor voltage input : 6V ~ 15V
* Motor speed control method: PWM 8-bit Res
* Motor stepping modes: CW, CCW, Stop, Brake
* DC motors: upto 4 DC motors 6V ~ 12v / 1A max
* Servo motors: upto 4 Servo motors 5V
* 4 Analog inputs with Vcc, GND rails (perfect for IR distance sensors, Ultrasonic sensors etc...)
* Connectivity: Bluetooth Class 2.0 EDR with Toshiba Stack, USB 1.1 (Firmware upload, Data)

** Optional AVR ISP port for direct programming of Atmega 328 Chip

Compatible with any of our DC motors, Servo motors including Tamiya Gear boxes.

Check our download section below to get our Arduino Library with sample code to connect with Arduino

Bluetooth connection setup
* We have tested with Toshiba stack based Bluetooth dongles including built-in Bluetooth modems on Laptop PC's. However by removing the default authentication it is theoretically possible to use with any other Bluetooth stack.
* To download the Toshiba Bluetooth stack, please visit

Arduino Library installation guide:
1. Open Arduino programming interface on your Mac or PC.
2. Check the default sketchbook location by opening the Preferences tab (File > Preferences).
3. Create a Directory called "libraries" under the sketchbook directory and copy the folder "NoopyRobot".
4. Restart Arduino programming interface and check File > Examples and select noopy.
5. If you need just the library import, Sketch > Import Library and select NoopyRobot.

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