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uMMC - Serial Data Storage Module
uMMC - Serial Data Storage Module
uMMC - Serial Data Storage Module
uMMC - Serial Data Storage Module

The uMMC is quite possibly the easiest SD card interface for a microcontroller. With a time-tested reliable file system engine, the uMMC bridges the gap between PCs and microcontrollers by providing an easy way of accessing data from SD cards.

Using the serial interface on the uMMC, you can read data from and write data to SD cards in FAT12, FAT16, and FAT32 format -- virtually any card available from 1MB up to 32GB and beyond.

Firmware can be updated, as new features become available, through the serial interface. RoHS Compliant.

* Powerful and easy serial interface to SD/SDHC/MMC/TF flash memory cards.
* MMC, SD (SDC), SDHC cards supported.
* microSD, transflash, and miniSD support (with adapters).
* Easy to use serial data interface (TTL, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit).
* 2400 bps to 460800 bps serial rates.
* 40 KB/s throughput.
* 3 to 5 volt operation.
* RoHS Compliant.
* RTC built-in for time stamps (requires host to set after power-up).
* Low power operation - less than 40mA @ 5V during file write - less than 10mA @ 5V idle (ultra low power operation available).
* Small module footprint (2" x 1.25"/5.08cm x 3.18cm) with 4x40 mounting holes.
* FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 compatible - 1MB to 32GB and beyond.
* Random reading and writing data files (you can read and write anywhere in files).
* Up to 4 files open simultaneously.
* Internal high-speed file copying.
* Configuration can be read from card.
* Easily interfaced with any microcontroller (PIC, AVR, 8051, etc.).
* Chipset available (TQFP44 or QFN44).
* Perfect for data acquisition and portable data applications.
* Can be fitted as an ArduinoTM shield: How to.

* Data Logging
    * GPS
    * Space vehicle telemetry
    * Aircraft/vehicle telemetry
    * Industrial environment sensors
    * Weather station data
* Store scripts/code for microcontroller sequencing
* Store images and telemetry for robotics
* ... and much more!

NOTE: SD/MMC card not included




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