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BulletPixels are 8mm RGB LEDs with an internal integrated circuits to adjust the color and intensity. All you have to do is give them power, and send them data of the color you want, and the LED will do the rest.

You can daisychain them, and each LED is individually addressable.
For further information about the internal chip WS2811 you can get the data sheet here.

to drive the LEDs with your Arduino you can use this library:

If they start acting a little flaky you can add a decoupling capacitor.
An 0.1uF ceramic capacitor seems to make it work perfectly every time.

Have fun!

The price is for 13 of the BulletPixels LEDs.
Shipping is free!
They will be shipped by international post from China.
***Shipping will take 2 to 4 weeks to arrive.***

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