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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE113 based)
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE113 based)
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE113 based)

The board creation has been inspired by the excellent work of Jeff Rowberg:

The major difference - a power supply circuit - which allows a wider range of power to be used.
( The board was tested with power voltage up to 24VDC).

Let me repeat - most of the credit should go to Jeff Rowberg.

1. Board:
The idea of the board - to provide full access to all of the pins of Bluegiga's BLE113 module.
The assumption is that the user is getting the board in order to 'embed' in some project. And he or she would like to use his own firmware.

To download the firmware, the CC debugger
would be a great help. (Similar tools, like BLE Development board may be used also).

The current version of the board is shipped with no firmware pre-installed. ( The BLE113 modules are installed as arrived from supplier). But if the user would like some particular firmware to be preinstalled - please, feel free to contact me via

2. References.
The assumption is that the user - interested in the board - has decided to go with BlueGiga Bluetooth Low energy stack.Most probably, he or she is already familiar with the stack. Just in case, I would like to provide some references:

3. Hardware.
The Eagle project is included.
If somebody would like to build the board - be aware: it is doable, but some experience is expected.
In case any question appears, feel free to contact at

4. Shipping.
The shipping is done from Montreal, Canada.
The standard prices for shipping are provided by inmojo.

If other options are required, please, contact at
(We can use Canada Post, FedEx, DHL... But the prices may differ).

You are welcome to choose any method, but keep the risks in mind.

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BLE113 Bluetooth Low Energy Breakout
BLE113 Bluetooth Low Energy Breakout

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