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Kimono Solar Lantern Kit
Kimono Solar Lantern Kit
Kimono Solar Lantern Kit
Kimono Solar Lantern Kit

In order to help people who lost power after the Great Tohoku Earthquake and resulting tsunami, we are donating all of our remaining stock of Kimono Solar Lanterns to people in northern Japan. We're not 100% sure when we'll have more lanterns in stock since depending on the situation the next batch might also be going north, but they will be coming back. Thank you for understanding.

Solar-powered lantern kit turns any jar or jar-like object into a eternal lantern (well, 8 hours or so given good light during the day).

Originally designed to light up one of Tokyo Hackerspace's hacker's restaurant's patio at night and put a roomful of mason jars to good use, we liked the final design so much we decided to share. Each kit has mounting holes so anything can be hacked into a solar powered light.

Some interesting features of this kit is:
- The LED switches from red to green to blue and back automatically
- It has a dark detection circuit so that the LED will automatically turn on when it's dark outside and off when it's bright
- It has an off switch
- It has mounting holes
- It's round

Original project info posted at:

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Rechargeable NiMH AA battery and jar not included.
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For each $12 donation we will send a fully assembled and tested lantern to disaster relief areas in northern Japan
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