Tokyo Hackerspace
Marketplace to help share some of the kits, mods, and overall hackable goodness that comes out of Tokyo Hackerspace.
Joined: January 24, 2011
Country: Japan

Tokyo HackerSpace is an open community lab, studio, workbench, machine shop+, where people with common interests in technology, building things, gardening, cooking, science, sewing, digital art, gaming+, can find the space, the like-minded people, and the infrastructure needed for these activities.

They are not just project studios, but places where people can get together and make interesting projects, cook, hang out, have barbecues, and watch anime.

The Tokyo HackerSpace initiative was created from discussions at TokyoBarCamp 2009. It's a collective made up of programmers, engineers, IT administrators, artists, chefs, musicians, and people interested in geek culture. The goal of the group is to converge technology, arts, crafts, and music. If you are interested then please join the mailing list.

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