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WickedDevice makes original electronics kits and Arduino Shields. We are based in Ithaca, NY, and ship everywhere.
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Arduino Nano Prototyping Shield
Arduino Nano Prototyping Shield
Arduino Nano Prototyping Shield

Allows you to mount an Arduino Nano v3 onto a prototyping shield, and add regular shields to it. All the pins are brought out into easy to access places, and it includes two onboard LEDs and a switch, already connected to ground.

On top of the full prototyping shield kit, you also get long-pin dual headers, and a mini breadboard. Detailed step by step assembly instructions are online at http://shield.wickeddevice.com

Check out these stats!

* Let's you stack standard Arduino headers onto your Nano. That's right! You can use your 'duino clone with regular boards.
* All pins on the 'Duino are brought out to easy to access places.
* Mount shields above or below - after all, you may want the protoboard on the top.
* Mini breadboard for project work
* SOIC pad
* Power rails down the middle of the prototyping area.
* Easy power microUSB access by adding a WickedUSB.

What's in the box:
1x Printed circuit board
1x Mini-Breadboard
1x Red LED
2x Capacitors
8x Female headers
4x Extra long pin female headers for stacking. (These are also available separately from the WickedDevice Store).

Kit does not include the Nano - this is just the prototyping shield.

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