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WickedDevice makes original electronics kits and Arduino Shields. We are based in Ithaca, NY, and ship everywhere.
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The DayCounter is simple: It counts up or down, one day at a time.

It can be used for many tasks. Here is it being used as a physical form of the XKCD cartoon "Reset". Just two of many, many other uses are as a “days until I go on vacation” or “days until the baby is due” counter.

It is designed to be an ideal first soldering project. Full instructions at http://daycounter.wickeddevice.com

Check out these great features:

Counts up
Counts down
Raises an output to 5v when it gets to 0 (countdown only)
Can chain lots of them together
7-Segment display is mounted on the back, creating a flat surface which is easy to mount into projects.

That’s it! All in a super easy kit, designed to be easily moddable, and work with Arduino as a dual 7-segment display.

What’s in the box?
In short, all the parts you need.
1x DayCounter Printed Circuit Board
16x 470 Ohm resistors.
2x 22pF capacitors.
1x Crystal
1x 1 K Ohm pullup resistor
1x 2 digit green 7-segment display
1x ATtiny Microcontroller, 8 pin
2x 8 Bit shift registers (74HC595)
1x 4 pin header
1x 6 pin in system programming header
8″ Stranded wire
1x Push button switch

Note that this kit does not include a power supply. We recommend you plug in into the wall with a wickedUSB Micro USB power connector and regular wall wart. You can of course purchase one from WickedDevice, but it’s better for the environment to reuse: it uses a standard microUSB for power and lots of phone chargers will work just fine, eg: newer Blackberries.

It can also be powered direct from an Arduino, or using any 5v supply, including batteries.

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